Media is Changing our Lives

June 2, 2010
By Cailtyn1109 BRONZE, Independence, Oregon
Cailtyn1109 BRONZE, Independence, Oregon
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Live everyday like its you last day living!

Advertisers influence teens everyday by using sexy, beautiful, super skinny women that seem to be perfect but really aren't. We want to be perfect like them; we want the guys to drool over us as we walk by just like the guys in the advertisements do. We buy products that they're selling because we beleive that it will help us be more like these models, but the truth is it won't do anything different to you. You are who you are and nobody can change that. Everybody is pretty in some way, but some of us choose to listen to what the advertisers are promoting and put themselves down by saying "I'm ugly!" and "I'm fat," even though it's not the truth.

Advertisers use noramal everyday people just like us for their ads. They just use computers to change the models image making him or her into a fake person, which all the viewers beleive we are supposed to be and look like. Nobody is perfect and that's the truth! We are all beautiful the way we are and you shouldn't out yourself down because of one stupid advertisement.

Many teens across our nation beleive that they are fat even though they are super skinny. These teens weigh 85% less than the weight they are supposed to be for their age and height. About 7 million teen girls suffer from an eating disorder and about 1 million boys suffer from an eating disorder. Children start thinking about thier weight as early as the age of 5. There are millions of different diet products being sold to teens, most of them don't work and could put you at a serious health risk. There are not many companies that use real women in their ads, Dove uses women with curves, women who are larger than a size zero and actually have pores on their face. Dove is promoting to us to feel good about our bodies and not try to be like the models in the media.

Almost every teen uses some kind of media everyday. The things we seen when using media is changing our lives. Television commercials are trying to sell junk food and image changing products at the same time. They want us to be thin and eat junk food at the same time? Magazines promote the message "Thin is Beautiful," which is not true at all. Images of female bodies are everywhere. These images sell everything on the market.

Advertisements are promoting many things to teens like; sex, drugs, and dieting. In the US 7 in 10 girls have sex before the age of 14. 50% of teenagers are drinking and using drugs everyday of their life. Teens... this is not the way you want to live. Be happy, beleive in yourself, be confident, and follow your dreams. Remember... you are beautiful the way you are, and sex and drugs are not going to help your life in anyway.

The author's comments:
This was actually an assignment for my Honor's English class. I hope readers will get the idea that your beautiful in everyway and don't let media change that. =]

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