TV is good

January 29, 2010
By , Williamsport, PA
I think TV is good for people to watch and I have three reasons to prove to you that TV is good for people to watch and some of the movies or cartoons don’t have bad language and it don’t have nudity in it that kids cant see and adults can see.

My first reason is that people like watching the news or the weather because they want to know if it’s going to do anything or to see if it is going to be hot or cold outside or if it is going to rain the entire day.

My second reason is that teenagers like to watch movies that are interesting that kids cant watch because some movies have nudity in it and that’s why kids can’ watch what there parents are watching. My first fact is that they like watching TV because it get’s you an education to watch TV. My second fact is that teenagers watch TV because they like watching TV when they are doing their homework. My third fact is that teenagers like watching movies because they think TV is good to watch.

My final reason is that kids can watch their shows like cartoons because they don’t go to school. My first fact is that kids like watching TV because they don’t have to go to school like s teenagers and young adults. My second fact is so they can get education like us. My third fact is so they know what it is alike in school. So they can go threw what us teenagers and young adults had to go threw.

I think TV is good for people because you can get your homework done and watch TV at the same time because when you do your homework you got to do something else so you can get your homework done so your teacher don’t yell at you for not doing your homework. I think TV would be good for a lot of people that watch TV.

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Grungeaddict said...
Feb. 11, 2011 at 11:48 pm
That makes no sense. Just sayin.
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