My Feelings on A Feeling

December 23, 2009
So you know what gets me? Music. I was listening to a song the other day, well, multiple songs actually, when this thought just went through my head that musicality is basically synonymous with expression. What I mean to say is I found in that moment that there could be no greater way for that artist to have expressed what that song meant than to create that piece. And then I thought of what expression is and really it's simply creating a physical (well, kind of) embodiment of a feeling. Now, at this point my mind is obviously blown all over the place. Creating a feeling. As in taking the emotions, scientific chemical processes, and the actual soul behind a human being and using them as a media for a work of art. And from there I thought how this expression of a feeling is so in tune with the way a song works. Say you have a painting, an astounding photograph, a sculpture, some form of visual art. You see that art and it moves you. Your brain transposes that art to remind you of something, and you feel that. Moving closer; You read a poem of some sort, any kind really, and the words that person wrote express how they felt, which causes compassion in you and then a feeling. And finally, you hear a piece of music. The sounds of the music literally bring about a sensation in your body, they create a feeling inside of you. Whether you take that this is from the fact that sound waves have a physical effect on our bodies, or that the music affects us at a deeper, less mundane level, I feel like music does not just make us experience a feeling. To me, music is a feeling. A song is the purest essence of an emotion, brought forth to an audible place where it can become a part of someone else. And then you take that essence, that pure seed, and add the mentality; lyrics. Take the poet's art, incorporate it with sound, and it becomes something entirely new and profound. By placing the music with these words, you are placing an actual emotion and impregnating that poems words with meaning. And even from there, go further to the element of visual art: a dance. And then, all cliches aside, you are inside that emotion - mind (words), body (dance), and soul (music).


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