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Why You Should Behave in the Movie Theaters

December 18, 2009
By xXandrewXx SILVER, Plainfield, Illinois
xXandrewXx SILVER, Plainfield, Illinois
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When you go to the movies you want to relax and watch the movie but achieving this goal is not always possible. This is because people bring little kids, cell phones, they put their feet on their seat, and talk. When you think about it this shows they only really don’t care if anyone else has a good experience at the theater, they only care about themselves and not anyone else and how they have a good experience. Plus it shows they don’t respect the movie theater that they are in. People need to behave better in, or at the movie theaters.

First of all cell phones; they drive people crazy during movies. During a movie it could be really annoying. You can hear the person talking about whatever they have to talk about. One example you might be enjoying your movie when ring, ring, ring someone’s cell phone goes off, and they leave it. If then they end up leaving their phone then the whole theater will get mad. Also they might answer it and just not leave the theater room to talk, and then they continue to talk and make a ton of people mad. When this happens you most likely will start to pay attention to their distraction and possibly miss a small part of the movie. Another part of cell phones that are annoying is when someone cell phone light turns on and it is bright. Then they accidently shine it in your eye and you’re blinded and can’t see the movie, or you get distracted because your eyes blanked out for a second. Or they turn their cell phone on and you get distracted by their light.

Another thing that could possibly be annoying is when people talk out loud. “The theater is not the place to have a conversation.” ("Essortment"). One example is when you go to a movie and the person is talking about stuff that didn’t even have to do with the part of the movie that is being watched. When this happens it’s like shut-up because they won’t be quiet, and that know body cares about what they are saying and that they just want to watch the movie. Also if you’re watching the movie and somebody starts laughing hysterically that could be distracting or annoying. Another example is I was watching the new movie G.I Joe and a few young adults started yelling out some things so they could try to be funny in front of their date, and you never know A little kid could have heard them and started repeating it. Also a lot of people hate it when someone has already seen the movie and they start giving away parts during the movie, one because they are just distracting, two because then you don’t get to see for yourself what’s going to happen and you don’t get to be thrilled when something big comes up. Most people get really mad because people keep asking and asking questions. Partially because once they ask you have to answer them so they will understand the movie and secondly because if you don’t they just keep asking and asking then you get annoyed with that.
It may come as a great shock to those people who have an ongoing diatribe with the characters on the screen that the rest of the theater could care less about their opinion. That’s right, woman in the back row who‘s been repeatedly telling the actors what they should and shouldn‘t do, no one wants to hear you talk. Shut-up before an angry moviegoer gets up and duct tapes your mouth hole closed. (Jones ).

Does anyone get annoyed by babies at the movie theater? Babies and children under the age of four are so annoying. Babies drive me crazy. At certain moments they can be exhausting and annoying even if they are not your children. For example if you’re in a movie theater and a little baby starts to cry it is just so annoying and irritating to have to listen to that. Also if the parents don’t take them out of the theater then lots of people get mad because it just won’t stop. And some time they just make random noises and run around or tip drinks and popcorn everywhere. Another irritating part is when you sit next to a four year old kid and they start to point the most pointless thing or the most obvious things like that there is a dog on the screen when there is obviously a dog on the screen. Or that they point out that there is grass on the ground over, and over, and over. Then the parents tell them to be quiet and they won’t listen to them.
The last and final thing is that a lot of people hate and get annoyed by is when other people kick your seat. Most people hate it because they don’t want to be rocked or jerked around and when pushed you are getting rocked around and its irritating when trying to watch your movie. Also a lot of people put their feet on the chair which is gross. Secondly if they have gum, dirt, etc. on their shoe and they put their feet on the seat it could possibly fall on you, or on the seat. Another reason its disruptive is because if you’re rocking and they put their feet on your chair they are reframing you from rocking. And if you put your foot on their chair it shows you don’t really care about the theater. Then they have to get up and turn around to tell you to stop kicking their chair then when they sit back down they have to get comfortable.

If most people could not bring babies, not talk, not touch their cell phone, and not kick seats everyone could enjoy their movie to the fullest. So next time you are going to put your foot on a chair or kick a chair, or talk, or bring a baby think twice on how you will be effecting everyone from enjoying their movie to the fullest. By now you know that people need to behave better in or at the movie theater. And also if you are one of the people that cause public disruptions you know know why you should stop!


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Well i was at a movie (G.I Joe) and a few older teens started blurting thing out that littler kids should not be exposed to

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