New Moon vs. Twilight

November 29, 2009
How many of us are twilight fans? I know I am! The movies, however, didn't appeal to me. New Moon was MUCH better than Twilight, definetley. But, New Moon did leave out some things. Like where Mike ended up having the flu and so did Bella. Then, Bella was told that Jacob had mono. Then the action comes. Well, I just think that some people read the books and watched the movies but they only payed attention to how hot Taylor Lautner is. I mean, he is very attractive but, that's not the point of movies.

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Grungeaddict said...
Feb. 12, 2011 at 12:08 am

Glad to hear someone else likes Twilight, too! I agree with you on the movies. But I did like the coloring and the music in the first movie--it just seemed more "Twilight" to me.

This may sound real weird, but I'm also on "Team Jacob", but I like the vampires. my friends ask how thats even possible. Well, I like Bella and Jacob's relationship, but I like all the vampire characters. Haha. Just thought I'd share that; it's kinda interesting I guess.

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