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Music Needs a Change

May 13, 2019
By Anonymous

Many people wonder why the radio plays the same fifteen songs over and over again? I wonder this, too. Every time I turn on the music in the car, I constantly hear a repeat of the same playlist with many similar sounding songs filled with controversial topics, hopeless romantics,  and even vulgar language. I am starting to become annoyed with the lack of variety, and I am sure others are feeling the same way, too. Sadly, only the disc jockeys can control what is to be played, not the listeners. When the radio does get turned on, I want to hear music of all genres and languages to appreciate the other artists around the world, not just western singers. Many singers from this side of the world have the privilege to grow very famous due to the fact that the West is home to many well-known stars and artists. Unfortunately, the rest of the world is not as appreciated since their country has most likely not made a significant impact on the music industry. Western artists are able to grow more popular at a faster rate, sometimes letting fame take their careers in the wrong direction. Occasionally, people will use the fame to spread the wrong message through their music and set a bad example to those listening. When I started listening to Korean pop, I recognized that the styles of music were quite similar to those of western pop. I am certain some Korean songs would be very popular in America if translated to English, yet I have never heard these songs on the American radio. Along with this issue, artists that produce or compose their own music are not as acknowledged as much as they should be. Their hard work on a certain piece should be recognized and given more praise than, for example, some artists who make others do the hard work and do the easy task of promoting and singing along. The lack of variety and respect in the music industry is the reason why I am advocating people to be more appreciative and open to other languages and genres of music, even if the music is not appealing at first or confusing due to the language barrier.

In order to spread more music diversity into the world, I have thought of a solution that will include the listeners’ opinions in regards to what they would like to hear. The solution is to create daily polls on social media sites that will allow the people, rather than the disc jockeys, to choose the music that will be played on the radio. The listeners will be given the top songs of multiple music charts to create a playlist for the day, and the radio companies will tally the results and use the newly created playlist on their music channel. The company and disc jockeys should have no say in what is being played, making the playlist all based on the people’s demand. Another method to having an assortment of songs will be to have multiple people controlling the music. The local people will have the opportunity to decide on a group of disc jockeys that will incorporate their own various ideas and music tastes into the songs they choose to play for all to hear. A station using the polls and one using different disc jockeys would be separate from the regular radio that plays the same playlist for those who have a preference.

Creating the system of a poll and hiring multiple disc jockeys will allow more people to expand their taste in music. The poll will clearly show what the local people are interested in listening to, and hopefully the idea of a self-created playlist will appeal to the public and interest them into listening in on the new station to see what is truly considered popular worldwide. The curious listeners could see what artists are truly worth supporting instead of those making money using vulgar language and ideas. The solution of having multiple disc jockeys to add in their suggestions and ideas would also engage the people tuning in to see what these music experts are promoting. The creation of these two stations would help people expand their taste and be more aware of what the music industry has to offer. Along with this, more artists around the world would be appreciated and given credit for all the hard work they may put in a song or album. For example, artists producing their own music should be given more respect for all the creativity and dedication they put into a single song. Western artists should not be given special rights because they are more well-known but rather given the same treatment as those who have worked their way up the music industry. Music can truly reflect a country, and making a more diverse radio playlist will help spread the ideas, cultures, and themes of other places. It can help people have a better visual as to what the country could be dealing with or what their society considers ordinary or abnormal. Creating a more diverse radio station will help expand the music genres of people and give more recognition to singers who deserve it through the use of polls and multiple disc jockeys picked by the listeners.

The author's comments:

I was encouraged to write this piece when I noticed the lack of diverisity in what I hear in the car every morning. I want to allow for music of all genres and languages to be played in the radio, as long as it is enjoyable and pleasing to listen to.

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Thank you for writing this! The world needs to read this. I can turn on the radio right now and hear Billie Eilish's "Bad Guy" play 5 times in the next 30 minutes. I agree with the daily poll option for local stations. Good job!!