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Trailer Analysis on Toy Story 4

March 20, 2019
By DiegoV710 BRONZE, Homestead, Florida
DiegoV710 BRONZE, Homestead, Florida
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Yesterday, The first full trailer for the 4th movie of Pixar’s biggest franchise Toy Story 4 came out. The movie is about Forky (Voiced by Tony Hale) is having an existential crisis considering the fact that he is just a spork that is built with eyes, arms, legs, and a mouth from arts and crafts who Bonnie created and is attached to. Woody (Voiced by Tom Hanks) sees that Forky is Bonnie’s favorite toy. Woody and his friends tries to make sure nothing happens to Forky and yet Forky feels like he doesn’t belong as a toy but as a spork used for eating food like soup for example. When Forky escapes, Woody goes to find him and discovers someone from his past, Bo Peep (Voiced by Annie Potts). Bo Peep is now more adventurous seemingly from life on the road. Woody now decides if the road is really for him or his destiny to be Bonnie’s toy.

My Thoughts

The trailer kind of gives me Toy Story 2 vibes. It reminds me of that because Woody is deciding if he stays with his owner or does something different with his life as a toy. Also, his friends are probably gonna find him and convince him to not leave them just like in the second film. I don’t know if it would be either a good or a bad thing. It really depends on the execution. I still like the heart that the film is gonna present but for me personally this film didn’t need to exist. I was satisfied with the third one and its conclusion showing how life goes on for some people like Andy going to college or the toys having a new owner like Bonnie. But, Cars did have three movies so, I’m kind of not surprised and I’m sure it’s gonna break a billion dollars like some of the other Pixar sequels. I still enjoyed the trailer and I want to see more this film has to offer when it comes out.

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