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The Book of Life

January 22, 2019
By 22el01 BRONZE, Red Wing, Minnesota
22el01 BRONZE, Red Wing, Minnesota
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To some this movie is dumb, to me it’s heartwarming. I could never just stop watching this movie for it truly shows how far love can go. This review goes over the many things that make this a good movie to people who believe in true love.

The characters play a huge role in the liking. Manolo is the main character. He shows people that its okay to follow your dreams. Wakin shows; to be a true hero you have to be selfless. There are many others that give morals/ lessons. There are two rulers of the two realms of the dead; La Muerte, and Xibalba. La Muerte is the ruler of the land of the remembered, and Xibalba is the ruler of the land of the forgotten. I think Manolo is my favorite. Disney better makes a sequel.

Now the story is about the two rulers make a bet on which of the two boys will marry the girl (the boys are Manolo and Wakin). I gotta say it was pretty simple. Just the basic love story, nothing big. Now I’m a sucker for romance so this movie got too me bad. It’s all based on the Hispanic lore of The Day of The Dead. Manolo the hero even got to go to the land of the remembered; (“a festive land with endless parties, and spectacular parades”.) If I were in this reality; in a heartbeat, I would be the Candle Maker. He is the maker of lives. (“He keeps everything in balance; he’s made of wax and has a beard full of clouds”) Now to me, it was obvious that Manolo will marry Maria, but Xibalba cheated with a two-headed snake.

The music just gets to me I mean umph; just gets to you. It has a great mix of Country, Pop, and Somba. Now there could have been some parts where they didn’t need a song, but whos to complain. I gotta say I never expected this music to bring me to tears. I must have to rewind most of the songs about fifteen times during the movie. I just “can’t help falling in love with” the music.

Now I don’t expect readers, to check out this movie, but I ask give thought; this movie can change your perspective on life. I’ve talked about some of the basics of this movie; If you're interested I implore the readers to check out this movie. I hope in the near future they make a sequel.


By Ethan Larios

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