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My honest review of Bird Box

January 22, 2019
By Anonymous

My honest review of Bird Box

Everybody has heard or seen this movie “Bird Box” It’s rated 6.8 stars on IMDb. This movie is breaking records over 45 million people have watched this movie in the first week that's never been done before so I thought this would be a great movie to check out for myself so here is my honest review of bird box.

I thought this movie was great it wasn't really scary, it was more of a thriller in my option. This movie is getting a lot of comparisons to another movie called the Quiet Place they pretty much have the same concept but I think Bird Box did it better.

One thing this movie did really well was have really good death scenes it really made the movie a lot scarier and without that this movie wouldn't be the same another thing this movie does well was the characters all of them were really detailed and this movie really brought me into the story.

So some of the negatives in this movie, I think this movie has a lot of plot holes, for example, you never get to see the monster to me this isn't a big deal a Lot of people I've talked to they hate this movie just because of this but I almost kind of prefer not seeing it, it really makes the movie more mysteries, there is kind of a part when it shows a drawing of the monster but I don't think that's good enough.

Another plot hole in this movie is there’s like a part in the movie where it goes five years in the future where the kids are all grown up and I thought that this was kind of dumb the movie never tells the viewer know what happened in between there.

all the characters look the same they don't look older and the birds are still alive somehow even though it never shows the main charters feed them but the thing that really made me mad was it never talked about where the monster came from this whole movie doesn't make sense in my option I really wish it would have given the monster a back story or something .

The ending of this movie I thought was not very good and I thought it was lazy writing I would of liked to see the main characters die or something even though that sounds awful but I think that would be a lot more entertaining than the real ending It was way too simple and almost boring I almost felt like I wasted my time watching this movie I mean everybody gets to live happily ever after which is fine but I felt like this was lazy writing I kind of like the movies where it kind of leaves a sour taste in your mouth and in my opinion this ending doesn't do that for me I really feel like they could have made a better ending for this movie.

At the end of the day, this movie has a lot of plot holes and I think this movie is way overhyped by the media and just by everybody in general; I thought that the ending was nothing great to me it was an easy way out instead of having a more complex ending. If you can get over that then you will probably love this movie It's filled with action-packed scenes you can really never know what happenes next there's always something going on in this movie, there are some parts where its actually funny and in my opinion, it's extremely entertaining definitely one of the best horror type movies I've seen in awhile if I had to rate it I would give it an 6.9 out of 10 stars.

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