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The Greatest Night of My Life Review

January 11, 2019
By DakotaSwift SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
DakotaSwift SILVER, Defiance, Ohio
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The writing titled “The Greatest Night of My Life,” written by Molly, talks about her experience at a Fallout Boy concert. Her writing left me a bit off put but excited and happy. The way Molly describes the atmosphere of her night and her concert is unforgettable. She goes into the littlest intricacies of detail that really made it feel like I was there with her. SHe says, “Their voices screamed in sync, echoing across the arena.” Her experience was so similar to one of mine that I felt like she was describing my concert. Although they were different bands, when an artist stands on that stage, and gets that look in their eyes, I know that they are giving the performance of their life. The way musicians course together as a unit, becoming one for that time they’re on stage, is caught beautifully by Molly in her article. The word choice and raw memory spewn onto the page was amazing. She did an outstanding job of showing imagery and the article was nothing short of a masterpiece. And as she states in the concluding sentence, “We should always strive to remember the radiant things in life.”

The author's comments:

I resonated with the piece Molly had written. I knew I had to write a review and explain how close, but different, our experiences were.

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