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Music and darkness

January 9, 2019
By Anonymous

Everyone cannot live without something… I cannot live without music. Music has changed the way I look at the world today. Through the upbeat kicks to the hardcore rap songs. Different Genres of music help me to be able to cope with living in a world like this. Love songs when i'm sad or going through a break up, and country when i'm either just really happy and thinking about how blessed and how good life is at the moment or just listening to country on a hot summer day riding with my dad in his truck. No matter what type of music it is music makes the emotional stress ease away in a calming kind of way,

Lots of kids now of days cannot live without their phone. I'm not that type of person actually I am the total opposite. I can live without snapchat and social media. I wish the old flip phones would come back into style sometimes because texting and social media has ruined society and will continue ruining society. But music wont!

Another thing i cannot live without is darkness. I honestly could live without lights. I always have my lights off in my room ( Until my sister comes home and puts them on because we are the total opposites which may sound weird because we are twins) But back to the point is i like to have time to rest and to be able to cope in the dark. Darkness helps with my mental mind of states and gives me time to relax and give my body the time of recovering that it needs.

The author's comments:

This peice is more of just like a freestyle writing peice. Its more of an opinion peice and the way I feel about music and how music makes me feel. This peice is also about darkness and how it gives me time to recover from day to dayand gives me time to be able to cope( like my way of metitation

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