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Here are the most recent love / relationships articles:

The Power of Three Little Words
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Love.  What a word!  It contains so many connotations and emotions all at once.  To love has become in modern day society a very vague concept, ranging from adoration of people or even things, to having sex.  Lies have been accepted as poor... (more »)
THH: Supplements, Sex, and Everything Else
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Sex is actually fine. I’m serious. It seems to have this profound latch on the happy part of our brain, and humans actually do need to reproduce. However, sex is also a supplement. It’s one of those bonuses, or buy-one-get-one-free extras... (more »)
Love Hurts
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Love Hurts ,I Don't agree with this. With love there comes the responsibility of trying to get along with another person and their lifestyles which is quite hard when you think about it because if you do something your way and he does... (more »)
Close the Door
By , escondido, CA
Something I find myself doing constantly is comparing my life when no one knew who I really was, who I really loved, and who was slowly dying inside hiding from the truth, compared to everyone that has been there when uncovered my truth.... (more »)
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The Perfect Lover
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It was another typical night in Winston-Salem and a new place had just opened so the guys and I decided to give it a try. Best. Decision. Ever. There were beautiful women everywhere. July 13, 1937 is the day I fell in love. It was love at first... (more »)
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I only want to be known as the writer that could express love extraordinarily. Forget about me, let me give the world a person to know, and a person to remember. Let me show the world what a beautiful mind you don’t know that you have, and the... (more »)
Secret of the Best Friend
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Everyone wonders what a best friend should do in life. But the key to being the world's greatest best friend is knowing when your friends need you and how to help them when they can't help themselves. I learned this from the best:my... (more »)
To Bright Beginnings This 2015
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Note: Words in brackets may sometimes be direct interferences from either my patronising, pretentiously cynical or self-mocking, irritably optimistic inner self - it will not be hard to decipher. This was meant to be a clichéd “New Year,... (more »)
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A single rose can be my garden……a single friend my world... That indeed is the truth. Friends are an integral part of our lives. We spend nearly half our time in the company of our friends… school, at home or at work,... (more »)
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Water and an Ice Cube
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Sometimes relationships are like a glass of water with and ice cube in it. When an ice cube is placed in a glass of water, it slowly begins to melt. The water represents one person whilst the ice cube represents the other. Like the water does... (more »)
By , Winter Park, FL
I don’t know what I did to make you do this to me; I gave you all my love. I sucked it up when you threw the daggers at me and kept my head up high. The few times I tripped, you let me fall hard and asked why I even did that. I’ve given this... (more »)
Pick One!
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Everyday there are people falling in love. Whether you go for a different race than your own or you  just stick with what you were raised to date. Now I’ll throw a little bit of my personal life into this. My parents prefer me to... (more »)
Either One!
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How do you feel about interatial couples? Are you with it? Are you against it? Or do you even think twice about it? I don’t care what you think about what I’m going to say, cause this is my opinion and we all have one.... (more »)
In This Photo
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In this photo, your face smushed against mine, you look young. Our eyes seem to follow the same curves. Our smiles different, but still a smile. Such simplicity in a picture, no planing. It's hard to think clearly why looking at this picture.... (more »)
your first relationship,your second and etc.
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There are many different kinds of relationships there are Friendships, dating relationships, mother and daughter, father and son, best friends , acquaintance’s. Even simple relationships like the guy at the store near your house. Or even... (more »)
For Never, Ever, and After...Saying Goodbye in...
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Goodbye is a very poignant word. It signifies an end that, most of the time, isn’t expected or well received. There are songs devoted to this often malicious verb. Albums, movies, books, etc. have detailed every possible situation in... (more »)
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