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Here are the most recent love / relationships articles:

Love from Peachtree lane
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My favorite place in the entire world is my grandparents house. If you ask most people they’d say Hawaii or the mountains; to me its my grandparents house on Peachtree Lane. My grandma keeps it in pristine condition at all times and the... (more »)
PDA in the Hallway
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I stop in front of my next class, book bag in right hand and textbook in my left. The class before me is still finishing up, so I lean against the lockers behind me, drop my stuff and wait for the bell. There are a couple of students around me,... (more »)
Don't Fall for a Guy!
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Don’t fall for a guy who likes you because you’re pretty or you’re someone who makes him look good. He simply needs to be seen with you since you're difficult to approach by others and how about we not overlook, young men... (more »)
Divorce Affects Kids
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When I was little I watched the interactions between my mom and her mom, my grandma. My grandma and grandpa, my mom’s parents, went through a divorce when my mom was eight. My mom and my grandma’s interactions on holidays like... (more »)
TUMS Are My Hero
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Being a shy individual was extremely nerve racking when I was a tiny person going through the motions of Elementary school. Given that TUMS existed, thankfully, they allowed for my mind, emotions and physical body to relax when times like... (more »)
Friendship - Bridge Between the Hearts
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We all know human beings are gregarious by nature. It is due to this nature of ours, social life has immense infusion to our individual life. Perhaps that is why the great Greek Philosopher, Aristotle, claims man to be a social animal. Now... (more »)
Love Is All We Need
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The world will be a better place if there is love. Love is the most powerful thing in the world. It can change you, your world, and your life. It can make you the happiest person and it teaches you how to be someone. Love is the least... (more »)
Evolution of Love
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Time changes everything. Love. Hate. Envy. Sorrow. Happiness. In a moment, you can find yourself full of lust, only to find it wasn’t purely lust, but it was driven by that overbearing feeling of love. Within the same moment, you can sense... (more »)
Long Distance
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Teens sometimes think that long distance relationships are a bad idea and that it's a waste of time. Simply because of the fact that it's too much work. For me, a long distance relationship shows maturity. You have to really serious about a... (more »)
Your Own Relationship
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Not everyone was meant to be with someone. It's their choice. Some people just aren't ready. And that's okay. I am in a relationship and some people judge me and talk about us behind our back. But I don't let it bother me. You want to know why?... (more »)
Young Love
By , pontiac, MI
Young love. Not understood by many. Especially not by adults. Parents in specific. To them "young love" is just a game or sometimes just nothing at all. But they don't understand, they don't know or feel what we do. I know many that have... (more »)
Can You Not?
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When you are in a relationship, every piece of you goes to the other person. It is no longer, ME ME ME. It's now, US US US. Sometimes, it's hard... but all great things aren't easy. If love were easy and fun, everyone would have a... (more »)
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I used to have such high expectations of people. I believed that they would follow through and show up if I needed them, but I guess that was the problem. I never needed them.  Friends are good to have around. Friends make life enjoyable and... (more »)
Repressed Emotionally Society
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we live in a generation that represses and is ashamed of emotions and that makes me really sad. being mad, feeling sad, loving is all part of being human and live. i cry. we all do. im not afraid to admit it. sometimes i feel stupid because no... (more »)
Plain & Simple
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I want you to be mine. Plain and simple. Not just out of lust, or impulsion, or even that “meant to be,” talk. I am so utterly and profoundly in love, that it pains me to know that you are even thinking of anyone else. And I am not being... (more »)
Talk to Me
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Anyone who writes understands one thing and one thing only: Feedback It helps, it is important, it is the reason anyone gets better and without it, Writers suffer. I, personally, know that writers suffer from something known as... (more »)
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