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Here are the most recent love / relationships articles:

Is This Reality or Just Some Book?
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We all have read a book or two in our lifetime. I mean, as much as we hate to admit it, Spark Notes wasn’t cutting it anymore in like fifth grade. That was when we had to grow up and actually pick up a book. Or if you were still going... (more »)
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Wishing For Love
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I want to love someone forever. I don't want them getting away. Whoever I love forever I want them to know this: that they can come to me with anything. Who this is, I have no idea. I never want anything bad to happen to this person or me.... (more »)
Social Media Breakup
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Dear Social Media,          There’s no easy way to put what I’m about to say and I feel terrible for saying it, but I think we should break up. I’m sorry. Out of respect,I need to... (more »)
THH: Where On Earth Is the Friendzone?
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Well, where on earth is it? Where is this mysterious friendzone? I would like to tell you, but I’m not very sure myself. Tumblr seems to know—online, people post elaborate complaints about being seen as “just a guy with boobs” or... (more »)
Me, My Trust, and Friends
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As the famous quote states, "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and sorry I could not travel both and be one traveler, long I stood and looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth." ( The road not taken, By... (more »)
  It is believed that once we have obtained all the money we need or the person we want, we have yet to experience "true happiness"; but after we've gotten what we wanted or claimed to need this temporary form of happiness... (more »)
Is Happiness an External or Internal Process?
Happiness is an internal process. Happiness comes from inside, you are the cause of your happiness. You can make yourself happy or upset, it's all up to you. The way someone feels about certain things is was causes them to be happy or... (more »)
Where Does True Happiness Come From?
Where does true happiness really come from? Some may argue that happiness (or lack there of) is rooted from the surroundings in someone's life, or external aspects. Contrary to that belief though, true happiness really comes from within,... (more »)
Dear You,
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This last week was magical in a way. You were a glimpse of light in my darkened world. You brought meaning to my life again. The time we spent together was unforgettable. The spark that I never knew was there brightened for you in so many ways.... (more »)
The Quest for the Great, Big Love
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When our ancestors could finally put their tills and shovels down to sit under a tree and just think, a gap less easily grasped than the gender gap or the achievement gap of today’s time was formed--the gap between the romantics and realists... (more »)
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Internal Happiness
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Relationships and happiness can be closely related. The articles "Happiness in Relationships" and"Are You Trapped and Unhappy in Your Relationship," demonstrate how much love and relationships can effect an individual's... (more »)
The Sappy Side Argument
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Should you see with your heart or your eyes? This question sparks an embroilment within me. On one side (the intellectual side) I argue that the heart has no emotional base, it pumps blood it keeps you alive; it doesn't have the ability to... (more »)
To the Daughter That I'll Never Have
By , Moro, IL
          To the daughter that I will never know, I pray that you'll fit into this world. It's hard being discriminated against on a daily basis. I pray that you have perfectly long hair, bright blue eyes, thighs that don't rub together,... (more »)
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Friends are what make life better. I consider myself to have a lot of friends and they impact my life. Without friends life would be boring. Suzy texted me and I told her that I would go shopping with her. We went to the mall and went... (more »)
What I Love...
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I know this is kind of cliché, but I love my mom.  My mother is a very kind and beautiful lady that is always there for me whenever I need her.  Do my mother and I argue?  Yes, more often than I’d like to.  At... (more »)
Misssing My Best Friend
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It was 8th grade year and summer was approaching very rapidly. All I could think about was that the first friend that I made and had been really close with is moving so far away. I wouldn’t be seeing her anymore on the weekends and began... (more »)
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