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What is the point of having all those shields and medals when you didn't live each day of your life like it was your last? What is the point of not making mistakes when you don't have any of your naughty stories to narrate to your children? What... (more »)
Classifications of Your Average Teenage Boy
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A wise somebody once told me that they can feel it in their bones and soul that one day God is going to give each of us an earth shaking love of our lives, but that we have to make mistakes and love the wrong people before we find the one.... (more »)
Boys Boys Boys
Boys are wild beasts that come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes, some of them even have personalities. There are the sweet guys, the guys you either love or hate, and the arrogant guys. Duckie from Pretty in Pink, Ferris Buller from... (more »)
The Definition of Love
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Love! Is the word today we use to show the highest level of caring for one person. Love is the word that can start a fight, end a fight, and start wonderful life of a family. Love today is the word that creates armth and blush in our hearts... (more »)
Young Passion Dissipating
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In this generation it is almost impossible to find absolute, true, passionate, good, old-fashioned love. Imagine you’re in an old-fashioned diner. It’s about 1950 and you’re sitting at a booth with red, worn leathered seats, a mile long... (more »)
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I was only three years old when I started dance. My mom asked me if I’d rather do gymnastics, but I told her I wanted to be like my big sister, Lauren.  One day, we went to the dance store and bought pink tights, a pink leotard with... (more »)
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Questions- Thoughts of Love
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When I think of you.  I can’t begin to describe, you make my stomach jump like a gymnast, but my body grow still, and longing for something lost or undiscovered- unknown to me.  I can’t believe someone so perfect in my mind could even... (more »)
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Why Must Guys Be Confusing?
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Why is it so confusing? Not even the smartest person in the world could answer this question. At my school, everyone has dated, kissed, loved. All but me. I frankly, don't understand it. I mean, yeah there are guys I like, sure. However, I'm not... (more »)
Dealing with Rejection This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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 This has nothing to do with dealing with romantic rejection (I can’t say I would be necessarily overly helpful on that front), so if that’s what you’re looking for you’ve come to the wrong place. It is about dealing with rejection with... (more »)
Modern Day New Kid This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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What’s sad and lonely and vulnerable all over? New kids. That feeling of going through life with no friends is an instant depressor. Hating school because you know that although you walk up the same steps as everyone else, you don’t... (more »)
My Heart Wide Open
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the day I say i don't love you i will die inside the night i stop loving you i will hate myself the moment i say good bye is the moment when i kiss my heart good bye forever when you hold me i feel like we are the only to people on earth when ... (more »)
Key to more Sex and Money
By , North Reading, MA
Over the past few decades, people have been getting married later in life as time has gone on. The fact is, people are getting married about four years later in life than in previous generations. Why? So many of us teens want that... (more »)
Are High School Relationships Overrated?
By the time most teens are in high school, they’re starting to look for a more serious relationship. They begin searching for something that’s at least a couple steps up from the cheesy dramas of the middle school relationships that... (more »)
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Why You Don't Need A Man This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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I can’t put a finger on the amount of times that I’ve walked into sobbing girls trapped between the bathroom stalls, being comforted by their best friends.  Yes, you know exactly what I’m talking about. ... (more »)
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Why is it that small things in such a big world can make one feel so emotional and strong. Other things can make one fall to their knees, no because they want to but because that's what they must do. Not because they were forced but because... (more »)
Feeling Like Movie Love
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Watching those movies, there's always a good girl. She follows the rules, and does good. While there is always a bad guy. He does whatever he wishes to do. The good girl always says "I hate him. I always will". While the boy gives her the... (more »)
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