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My Friends
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I am a first year college student. Now let me tell you this I am from a girls school which is very strict and boys are a banned topic of conversation. When I stepped into college I noticed no change because it was a womens' college and I... (more »)
Emotions Broken Down - #3
By , Milwaukee, WI
July. 30. 2014 Sadness is engulfing. It sucks you into its vortex of despair and loneliness. Sometimes when you look out a window and watch as the rain comes down, having races along your window, you think about what you don’t want to think... (more »)
Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
Everybody thinks love is just a simple word but nope the word love means alot to many people.In my opinion love is the best thing that could happend to a person i didnt believe in love until i met the guy of my dreams. This guy is the best thing... (more »)
The Modern Civil Rights Movement
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As i watch the way our government interveen in other nations' problems, i start to wonder why are we so focus on the battles of other when we are at battles with ourselves. We spend 225 million dollars to help defend the isrealites from the... (more »)
Sometimes He (or she) Just Isn't Worth It!
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"Don't cross oceans for people who wouldn't even jump puddles for you." Its that time of the year when school is starting up again. You know for a fact that next semester you have a class with him, that special person who... (more »)
The Ruthless Monkey On My Back
By , Phoenix, AZ
I get so enthralled into the concept and process of becoming detached from certain people that have exceedingly affected you. For instance, moving on from an ex-boyfriend. There's still those constant and unfortunate reminders you come... (more »)
Chronos Eternum
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Time. Proceeding slowly through the downfalls, speeding by through the upheavals of hyped emotions. Time. Makes pain worsen through its lust to make you bend your negative thoughts. Time. Is inevitable and its connotation is only depicted by... (more »)
Teen Adolescence
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There is more to being a teen then the eye can see or the heart can understand. You have to EXPERIANCE it fresh firsthand to understand just the surface of how life is challenging in different SOCIOTIES with RELIGION and POLITICS orbiting it and... (more »)
The Storm
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Sometimes I think the storm is easier than the aftermath because it is present, easily seen by everyone who is aware of it. In the aftermath, the storm rages on every second of every day for those it directly affects, while everyone else lives... (more »)
Sincere Answers: What Impact Have You Made?
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What will you say if someone ask you:Who are you? If someone were to describe you,what will the person say about you? If you were to die now,would people feel your absence? In essence,what impact have you made? If you can find satisfactory... (more »)
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I think the hardest thing is accepting that the memories won't happen again. Having to see the person and getting a tidal wave of both your best & worst memories all at once. That's when it really messes you up. Because even if you... (more »)
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Your Love
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There are lots of types of love. I think the purest one is the kind that takes your breath away. It’s unspoken, until someone says the inevitable and unavoidable. The words “I love you”. Sometimes it sneaks casually into conversations.... (more »)
Why Men Do What They Do
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Ladies, Have you ever thought,'why does my man do these things to me?'. I know I have. If it's anger, sweet stuff, or just the way he acts around you is strange. We all want answers. Sadly, I can't explain everything your... (more »)
Why is love so ugh?
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Why is love so ugh? Love isn't suppose to be painful yet all relationships have up and downs. Nothing ever seems to just go so smoothly. Stuff happens and some couples are torn apart. All the relationships i have been in, suck a lot.... (more »)
Emotions Broken Down - #2
By , Milwaukee, WI
July. 17. 2014 Fear is true. It hunts you down, beating and shocking you until you give in. Fear is impossible to catch. And even more so when it rules over you. Fear is seen as the monster under our beds, the darkness in your room as... (more »)
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Born To Love
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(Usually) When you were born, you are faced with a mother crying with joy, so much love in one single smile. After the doctors renown you as health, worries are washed away. You're slowly brought to your mother's arms. Your father is... (more »)
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