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Here are the most recent love / relationships articles:

When I Came to America, My Beliefs Changed
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I was living a happy life with my family (Mom, Dad) even though  sometimes they were arguing but that doesn’t take away our smile. I had many expriences in my life that changed everything. My life is not the same anymore when I found... (more »)
I Loved...and Now It's Over
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I regret it ok? I didn't mean to love you or get attached to you, I don't even know if I can call it love. I blame you more than you could imagine but I'll get over you, You know why? Because you don't deserve neither my efforts nor my feelings.... (more »)
Root of My Distrust
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Distrust is the belief and expectation that someone else's motives are sinister and a threat to our own.  My tendency to distrust most people is driven by the self-centered belief that almost every person is out to get me, which... (more »)
Still Have Feelings but Remaining Only Friends
By , Zuni, NM
Maybe you've had a best friend that you dated and suddenly things go wrong where nothing was any of your faults. Its been weeks since you guys broke up and suddenly he texts you.. you stare at that text and break a little but are still... (more »)
Technology in Our Generation
By , Austin, TX
I think it is so important to have real and meaningful conversations with people and have the social abilities to go up to people and talk to them. Compared to our parents, who grew up playing outside and didn’t have phones until they... (more »)
The Year That Felt Like a Thousand
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It was her freshman year. She had no intentions of falling in love, breaking one’s heart, and completely flip-flopping her life around. It happened though. People told her they could see it coming, but she denied it every time.... (more »)
The Ring
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When I was around five or six, my heart was already broken. I know it’s sad. Most girls my age still haven’t had their first heartbreak, but I have a reasonable explanation for it. See, it used to be absolutely heart wrenching to... (more »)
Nobody But them
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Parents have the ultimate power. They can give you a rock solid foundation, which will increase your chances of being a nice healthy person, or they can destroy you with their own issues. They can be selfish and insane, and gift you with many... (more »)
A Gateway
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 Verbal abuse can come in many ranges; loud rants, quiet and insensitive remarks, and obvious put-downs towards other people. All these forms have on thing in common; wanting to be superior to everyone else they know, also hiding failures... (more »)
Letter to My Little Sister
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Dear little sister, What a crazy world you have been born into. The society that you have been brought into is always changing, always new problems and new technology being created. I am writing this to you hoping that since I am the oldest... (more »)
Reasons to Support Gay Marriage
By , Valley Cottage, NY
Gay marriage is a controversial topic in the United States. Many believe that gay marriage should be permitted throughout the country, while others believe that it should be banned. It is against basic civil and human rights to prohibit gay... (more »)
Dear Ex
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I can't deny that I've had the best times with you. You knew me more than any other person — my crazy quirks, my endless secrets, my stupid routines — everything. I have poured every inch of my being to you. I have loved you... (more »)
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Have you ever had that one person who you got so attached to just by only a couple of weeks. It is I could say possibly the worst feeling ive felt other than loosing a family member. You get so hurt once they leave your life with no... (more »)
i spy with my little eye
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dear diary…’ there was ink on her fingers from the fountain pen she was holding, scrambling onto the crumpled piece of paper she’d had placed on her lap.   i was looking directly at her from the other side... (more »)
Freely Love
By , Sunnyvale, CA
When I was a child, I remember my classmates telling me that “God loves us all”. Being raised in a Buddhist household, the idea of “God” was vague to me. Most of my friends were Christian. Being young and naïve, I... (more »)
How to Raise Your Parents
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In the article” How To Raise Your Parents” by Gracieblue I agree with the author that as your parents grow old that they're going to be leaning on you  like when we were children. The author says,” Remember : your parents nursed you for... (more »)
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