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Your Mind vs. Your Heart
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Your heart and mind work differently. They want different things. Your heart will want one thing, and your mind will want another. My advice? Listen to your heart. Your heart understands what your mind does not. Your heart sees things, feels... (more »)
Toxic Relationships
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 What is happening to the relationships in society today? Have women lowered their standards? Today, women are allowing men to walk all over them. The value of relationships has lessened as time goes on. Women have lost their standards of... (more »)
If I Could Honestly Tell You Everything I Want
By , denton, TX
It would never come out nice. Somehow, in the amount of time it takes me to think of how to express what I feel you would take something out of context, or the context itself as I said would not be nice. I would never intentionally wish to make... (more »)
Miles Away
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Hello from over here, Many miles away was someone that loved you to death, she cared about you and your well being. She had been there for the many break ups, heart breaks, and through all the pain you put yourself in, she still stood... (more »)
People think a soulmate is your perfect fit, and that's what everyone wants. But a true soulmates is a mirror, a person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention, so you can change... (more »)
He exclaimed, “I didn’t know”; “You...
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You’re on the phone with your best friend because you got betrayed, while your mother waits hoping you would discuss it with her. Your wife finally decides to tell you why she’s been a cranky lady throughout the day, but you... (more »)
Freinds vs. Best Friends
By ,
I asked my friend, Savanna, to come over, but my best friend, Karen, wants to come over. Today, Savanna told me that her mom said, “Yes,” but I told her that is coming over, and that she can't. I felt bad, but most people would... (more »)
Are High School Relationships Smart?
By ,
High school relationships are something else, and honestly they aren’t worthwhile in a long run. Now, hear me out, this isn’t some opinion based on experience, rather it is an opinion based on fact. High school relationships moving... (more »)
Life Quote
This life is what you make it, no matter what, you're gonna mess up sometimes, it's the universal truth. But the good part is, you get to decide how you're going to mess it up. Girls will be your friends-they'll act like it... (more »)
Still Have Feelings but Remaining Only Friends
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Maybe you've had a best friend that you dated and suddenly things go wrong where nothing was any of your faults. Its been weeks since you guys broke up and suddenly he texts you.. you stare at that text and break a little but are still happy... (more »)
Are First Kisses Really a Big Deal?
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So when I was a little kid, I dreamed of having my first kiss. Now I'm in eighth grade and thirteen years old, and still haven't had my first kiss. I know shocking, yet in my book that okay. I mean it not like I'm waiting for my... (more »)
An Open Letter to My Could Have Been
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I have been going back and forth to every single detail of our relationship for the past weeks. I have been tracking it from our biggest fights to our narrowest arguments and yes, it has been a month since you left yet I still can’t find... (more »)
The Concept of Love
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Love. Something that I believe should honestly be one of the most mysterious phenomenons to humanity. Something that is so beautiful but yet so deadly to humans and other living beings alike. Something that causes the happiest feelings but also... (more »)
Love Hurts
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It's funny how that person you were so attached to can finally disappear.. from your mind but somehow not your heart. It's no big problem now but that feeling of being haunted thinking you won't let go has finally left you. You seem... (more »)
Letters to a Lost Love
By , Trenton, Ontario
To the one I once loved, I could have lived my life happily, not knowing what emotional abuse was. Then you walked into my life. You carried yourself with courage and self-confidence. I found you daring and dashing. Sadly, it was the walk that... (more »)
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Relationships in our lives are really important, nobody can live a life without friends, they’re like sugar to your coffee, but in order to enjoy your cup of coffee you have to drop limited amount of sugar, so is life. some people are like... (more »)
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