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Here are the most recent love / relationships articles:

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Relationships in our lives are really important, nobody can live a life without friends, they’re like sugar to your coffee, but in order to enjoy your cup of coffee you have to drop limited amount of sugar, so is life. some people are like... (more »)
Forever Love
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“Forever” a word that is used to make people think you will have a person by your side until the day you take your last breath. Love, that's what everyone in this world wants. But what is love? Is it love that brings us happiness? We choose... (more »)
Good Character = Good Looks
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How comes physical attractiveness still defines who we like and dislike instead of looking at a person’s character or does it really? Firstly let me let you guys know that when I say character I also refer to personality and... (more »)
Pet Peeve
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I want to take a moment of your time today to discuss the things that make my already black soul grow darker. The things that make my brain do somersaults and kick its stem in the back of the neck, and drag it down my throat to make me choke on... (more »)
Do Instagram Feeds Show Friendship?
By ,
I was scrolling down my Instagram feed one morning and checking the lives of all of my acquaintances to notice one thing. Out of all of the selfies and group photos online I realized I was not among any one of them. I turned to my best... (more »)
Online Dating Has Gone Too Far
By , Malvern, PA
Online dating is OK if it is on a online dating site like match or other websites built for online dating. But some people have taken it too far. Here's why: There was a kids game that was called Club Penguin. Club Penguin was very... (more »)
But You Are Too Young
By , Egham, United Kingdom
Have you ever loved someone so much that you planned your entire future? But you can't they said, you are too young. Did you every woke up in the middle of the night, felt him hugging you from behing in his sleep and thought to yourself... (more »)
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I did not pay much attention to it at first. I had a lot of trouble understanding how the someone’s design could be such an important or crucial aspect of a person’s life. The reality of appearance is that when you are four, five, six and... (more »)
Childish Dating
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Being in a relationship can cause a lot of drama. I recently finished middle school and if you listened to what the drama was about you would immediately notice that most all of it involved Suzie liking a guy that Jenny liked. Then the Jenny would... (more »)
Boy Texts Girl Love Story
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Boy meets girl - scratch that. Boy texts girl. Girl texts back. Boy and girl facetime. Boy proposes to girl. Girl and boy get married. Boy and girl finally meet in person. Boy and girl get a divorce.   Now although this exact... (more »)
Pride Month
By , Dunmore, PA
June is known as Pride month. Each day in this month, we celebrate a different form of love, gender, and acceptance. In my opinion, Pride month is a very important topic to discuss because many don’t know the importance of love.... (more »)
(It's not) Love (if it) Hurts
By , Amherst, NY
The following is a list of warning signs for potentially abusive relationships. Abuse of alcohol or other drugs Get into fights or destroy property Nag or force you to partake in sexual acts when you have made it clear you don’t... (more »)
What We Should Really Be Looking For?
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First things first...What is love? well it could be more than what the dictionary says. I believe that love is whatever you feel, love is whatever you believe it is. Love could be bad or love can be good. Everyone has a story to tell everyone... (more »)
Love Your Life
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it doesn’t matter if your white, black, Asian, Mexican, tall, short, skinny or a little bigger, it doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl it doesn’t matter if your dating or married to someone younger as long as they aren’t under 18... (more »)
Effects of Divorce
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Divorce.  A word that makes every teen with divorced parents cringe. Anyone with divorced parents know the perks, but they also know the devastating disadvantages. Any teenager would know the pain of carrying school bags, duffel bags, and... (more »)
Should We Give Up Trusting People After a...
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Anyone nowadays is bound to make mistakes and face deception, disappointment and betrayal. We are mostly deceived and disappointed by the ones we expect the least to hurt us this is a fact, but why is that so? Is there a cure? And should we give... (more »)
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