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Here are the most recent love / relationships articles:

It's Gone
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When you asked me what I wanted... I thought about him. Despite everything we have gone through. Both the good and the bad. All I wanted and craved was him and everything we once had shared. Maybe sometimes the bad outweighed the good, or the... (more »)
I Guess
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Darby-     I guess you don't know what it feels like to be unloved. Well, I do. It's every day of my life. Katie knows. Katie makes a point of telling me she loves me every single day, just so that I know that even of nobody else does, she... (more »)
I Reject the Statement, "Love is a...
I reject the statement, "love is a feeling." If feelings carried that much importance, that much emotional weight, then the we would all be condemned to emotional chaos. Our destiny would be a constant state of shallow warfare. If feelings could... (more »)
A Heart Reborn
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The heart shatters... as bullets fly by and the eternal flame of love is put out. The world sees this emotion with blind eyes and uses the word love so small and uncaring. But yet its so much more it is the passion of one soul and when it is... (more »)
Heart Beats and Lies
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People's heart's beat around 75 beats per minute. Every year many are saved through CPR when they have heart troubles. Many times these heart troubles are caused by emotional injuries produced from lies. Lies, they tear family's and hearts... (more »)
My Thoughts On Love
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Love. Romance. Lust. Limerence.   A timeless and wonderful and bittersweet thing, catching you when you fall, making you fall, and the act that pushes you and motivates and pulls and pushes you. Yep, that's love for you.... (more »)
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Usually people will ask you to describe yourself, but how usful can that possibly be? If you know yourself or what you want to be you will say it whether its true or not. Its simply self perservation. Today I was asked to describe the oppisite... (more »)
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It's wondrous how many contradictions nature supllies, the everlasting list of mysteries in human nature and the human mind. Above all of these, I find the notion that one can feel alone and isolated whilst being surrounded by so many to be the... (more »)
Young Love
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So there's this guy I met. We'll call him "guy". So he met Girl 1, and they "felt a connection". They hung out, talked, and wound up making out by the end of the day. Girl 1 was convinced that this was true love (remind you of Ana?). Well... (more »)
What is Love?
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This past weekend I was at my cousin’s wedding. I’ve been to weddings before, but this was the first one that I was old enough to really be aware of what was happening. What I saw was beautiful. Everywhere I looked, there was love, and it... (more »)
Be Positive, Be Lovable
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Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. -Lao Tzu, I must definitely agree, but is it all that love gives you positive? I frankly doubt that. First of all, that is because we,... (more »)
Love A Disease
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Love, what is love? majority of us consider the meaning of love wrong,we take love as a feeling we get when we adore someones looks, status and money .etc , i myself searched the defination for love, but never found it until i read "The... (more »)
Moving Forward in the Right Direction
Have you ever noticed how two people can look at the same situation and see two different things? One person may see the situation in a positive way. Another person may see the same situation in a negative way with no possible way out. Is it... (more »)
What Is Love?
By , Pryor, OK
Today in class I was asked a somewhat basic question: What is love? Love, to me, is those tiny, fluttering butterflies that live in your stomach when they look at you, love is driving to a fast food restaurant strictly to get a medium sweet tea... (more »)
Dear Parents
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Dear Parents, We know you want the best for your us, and I know you have ideas on how we should behave, but sometimes being too strict or lenient can be devastating. Basically, it boils down to our freedom. If you don’t allow us enough... (more »)
True Love
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I don't believe in fate. I don't believe in destiny. I don't believe in it all. But most of all, I don't believe in True Love. Most of the rubbish you find in books or the internet is FAKE. Thus the name "FICTION".... (more »)
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