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Most Recent Love / Relationships Articles

Here are the most recent love / relationships articles:

My True Crush
By , Rotterdam, Netherlands
I think about her every day. I feel like she’s a part of me, even though she really isn’t. I’ve loved her since I was a freshman in grade school, and so was she. We actually only started talking towards the end of the year, until someone... (more »)
A New Perception
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I observe youth being hesitant to lifelong commitment, love and marriage. One can blame the picture painted by our society which slashes down the wings of a free man. Laden with idealistic character and obligation to fit in society, men and... (more »)
How to Believe Again
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I used to think that if you love someone, as a friend or a love interest they were meant to be in your life and that they would stay in your life forever. I thought i love them and they love me back so nothing in the world could stop us from... (more »)
How To Raise Your Parents This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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First of all, you must always remember to treat your parents like children. That’s all they are, really—very tall children in suit jackets with electric bills to pay. They have dreams and regrets, friends and enemies, and even the... (more »)
By , Seremban
As the old saying goes, “No man is an island”; we all need companionship to complete us. Moreover, nowadays, we can even profess to have many friends. The social networking tools that are available to us made it easier for us to... (more »)
Let It Hurt
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Don’t pretend like it doesn’t hurt, because it does. And even though it sucks, it’s okay that it does. It’s supposed to. If it doesn’t that means it didn’t mean anything, and it did. It meant everything, and losing that is going to... (more »)
Rise and Shine
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What if the big problems we face everyday were not big at all but very small? The pain we feel that we think tears us apart is actually what holds us together. Or the hate we feel for someone is just hidden love. People think an argument with a... (more »)
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Feelings. Love. Pain. It's all the same ..but they're different. There's no single definition for them, because they mean different things. Love is a feeling, that can be equivalent to pain. Love can be a strong affection that lasts for moments,... (more »)
Marriage Equality
By , Alexander, NY
In honor of legalized marriage equality in the United States recently, I found it would be appropriate to rant about it, and explain where I stand on the controversy. Okay, so I am all for Marriage Equality, Gay Marriage, whatever you want... (more »)
A Letter to a Special Guy
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You see, here’s the thing. You were like a storm, that barged into my life; unannounced and unpredictable. Would I be able to forget you? This I do not know. Right now I will be happy to be a simple friend, nothing more,... (more »)
Coffee Cup
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He liked milk in his coffee because he liked to watch it stir up when he touched it. And maybe that’s why he liked me. Because he sure as hell liked to watch me crumble as his fingers trailed across my skin. Just like his coffee he would brush... (more »)
Snow Fall
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The snow falls three, sometimes four or five months out of the year. It can be thick clumps or thin flurries. It can stick in heavy snow banks or disappear, leaving a wet, slick ground. It falls down our backs and to our toes and makes our... (more »)
Aspergers This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
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Awkward. Narrow minded. Withdrawn. "Active but odd." Unempathetic. Rigid. These are some of the things that describe those who suffer from Asperger's Syndrome, named after the Austrian pediatrician Hans Asperger, who in 1944, studied and... (more »)
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Dear The One Who Will Not Listen, There are many things that I would like to say in this letter that I can’t. For instance, love is a powerful word. It has many different meanings to many different people. Between a husband and a wife,... (more »)
My Home Away From Home
Bright shining sun, warm summer breeze. White, fluffy clouds blow past the mountain’s peaks. The cute condo is filled with family, fun times, and many, many, memories. The condo is like a time capsule; images and artifacts from the past... (more »)
Creating a Rift
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After my mom passed away, I lived with my dad almost every day. I remember when we used to go out to the park and to the movie theater by ourselves. We spent our days having fun and playing video games; we used to have a blast. However, all... (more »)
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