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Here are the most recent love / relationships articles:

Philosophy of Beauty
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I'm treating this document as a journal for the time being, because I have some philosophical thoughts that I'd like to get down. Now that I've stated my business, my name, my purpose, and the skeleton for the rest of this document in two... (more »)
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Somewhere, a man once said to his girlfriend, “What a shame, a dead rose.” She replied “Huh? I don’t understand it’s just a flower.” He said, “Its not just a flower, each rose represents a relationship,  When one rose withers,... (more »)
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Have you ever been in that relationship where no one wants you together, but you feel the need to be together? Who cares about what the world thinks! If you have that deep emotional connection with someone it should matter. All that should... (more »)
Beautiful People
By , Knoxville, IL
There is a something utterly annoying about seeing someone beautiful.  Not saying that I don’t thoroughly enjoy seeing beautiful people.  It’s just completely and devastatingly disgusting.  Those people with their perfect hair, and... (more »)
Romance...Is it Necessary?
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Johnny Cash famously said “Love is a burning thing” ; now, Mr.Cash probably knew a lot more about love than me but that won’t stop me from adding my two cents. As a 17 year old man, who has very little control when it comes to this... (more »)
Love at First Sight
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I thought I believed in love at first sight, but due to my experiences, I now don’t. My older sister was having some friends over in the summer.  I had heard of Lewis before, but had never met him.  I walked down the... (more »)
I think this story is very relatable to teens and younger adults.  This describe what its like to be in love.  Some people will experience this many times in their lives, and some people will never experience it at all.  It helps for people... (more »)
"One True Love"
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There are so many books that simply focus on the idea of a person having a "one true love".  Most books that focus on this topic involve a girl stuck between two guys.  I think that, as romantic as the idea is and sounds,... (more »)
So Much Love For One Tiny Person
By , Jonesport, ME
On November 30, 2013 my perspective on love, and happiness was completely changed. I got to stand by and hold my sister’s hand during her labor and delivery; and was the second one to hold my newborn niece and welcome her into this crazy... (more »)
My Best Friends
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I am truly grateful for having best friends. I've went through a lot of best friends throughout my entire life but the ones that I have now are probably the closest anybody has ever gotten to me. I really appreciate them being here for me and... (more »)
The Perfect Daughter
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“The Perfect Daughter” is about a girl who told her mom she doesn’t like boys.  Her mom is trying her hardest to not accept this and change her daughter back.  Rachael just wants her mothers love like how it used to be, before she told... (more »)
They Still Love You
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So there comes a time when you don't want to stay home anymore. You want to go out in the world, explore, and find yourself. Now don't feel bad, this happens to everyone, whether you are multicultured or not. In America, this tends to happen... (more »)
Can Someone Really Never Love, Until Actually...
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The simple question we ask ourselves every time we love someone that doesn’t love us back. Can they really love me when they don’t really love themselves? It’s always hard asking ourselves that question, mostly when you... (more »)
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Letters to My Ex-Boyfriend
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10/29/14 I started out really mad at myself, and then it just evolved into a sort of agonizing sadness. I can’t really tell you what it was like before today, but I’ll try my best to explain. The day after it happened, all I... (more »)
The Freedom to Love
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Some people say they are born as what they are destined to be. Some people say it is a result of how you are raised. Either way, when I was little, I realized I was different. I had small “crushes”, as any little girl does.... (more »)
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They say love is about giving without expecting anything back. They say its a feeling that brings you joy and happiness overall. But what they never told you was that love comes with sacrafice, you give and give without receiving. You love hard... (more »)
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