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Here are the most recent love / relationships articles:

Carpe Diem or Not?
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Love starts at the glimpse of Eros,the instant of's easy for us to fall in love. It's not a subjective behavior because falling is due to gravitation;falling is out of control so that we can't figure out the falling in... (more »)
Love, or Life?
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Love is an interesting thing. You'd give up so much just for the person you love...even the things you loved before you met them. You'd give them the world and what would they do? Just drop you. Kick you to the dust after a year of... (more »)
Family Unity
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Family life is an inevitable demand of human beings. Needless to say, our individual and collective existence impels/compels us towards family life. A family - young or mature - earnestly yearns for happiness and unity. However, in this age,... (more »)
Online Gamble
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Meeting people is always a positive aspect of life, and now as the world continues to modernize and technology becomes more important, face to face communication is becoming harder than online chatting, and dates are now being set up online... (more »)
Misconstrued Love
By , Riverside, CA
What you have after us isn't love. It's spite, desparation, isolation, and the only thing you can have now. Sucked in the spit and nourished the seed of hate. To force your own partner to change their gender identity is not something... (more »)
See Beyond the Struggle
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The adversities we face in life, obscure our vision. They stack up into this heap of hindrances.  They cloud our perception and make it difficult to recognize the seemingly miniscule positives in life. We can’t find a sense of self, or... (more »)
Recipe For a Strong Relationship
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First, take the car ride sing-alongs and combine them with the bucket of inside jokes and the mountains of trust. In a separate bowl, put the dash of fighting and the sprinkle of working it out. Let this settle. Then mix in with the rest. Sift... (more »)
By , Mount Prospect, IL
I Her attracting sweet smell Curly white hair rests on her shoulders Her beautiful grey eyes Like those darken skies on a rainy day Worned, old, wrinkley hands of a hard worker As tall as the shortest palm tree Toughest women... (more »)
Chivalry: Advice to Guys
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Dear Future Princes, “A gentleman is not defined by the content of his wallet or the cut of his suit. He is defined by his manners and the content of his character,” says anonymous. There are a lot of men in the world, but... (more »)
My Family
By , Hartland, WI
My family has a variety of personalities. When it comes to my dad, he is more more like an alfa, vocal and vigorous. Not in the sense of undermining everyone in the room, but the sense that he can voice his opinion in the calmest manner... (more »)
Love Is a Lazerquest
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Love is a lazerquest. It is a bittersweet odyssey full of unknown evils and marvelous prizes. It's  frustratingly beautiful, and debatably worth your time. Love makes you cry more than laugh, it makes you want to want to go insane, and... (more »)
Plan B
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Backup plans are important. It’s always important to be prepared for when your ideal plan falls through and to have something safe and secondary that you can fall back on. And yet, when you’re someone else’s backup plan, you don’t feel... (more »)
Children and Divorce
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According to the American Psychological Association 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States end up divorced. Therefore I believe that divorce in families with children should be avoided until all the children in the house are... (more »)
Paper, Glue, and Relationships
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Relationships are weird and complicated. Imagine sticking two sheets of paper. It takes time to glue it neatly and less than half the time to tear it apart. And when it’s torn, each sheet has bits of the other sheet stuck to it.... (more »)
How To Be the Perfect Friend
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This bond called friendship is unfortunately misconceived by most of the individuals of today. The definition of the nine-lettered word is much more diverse than it sounds. It involves a profound wisdom and a deep insight in order to... (more »)
What a True Friend Means
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My definition of  a ‘true friend’: Do you have a best friend? What about them makes them your best friend? Over the past 14 years that I have lived on Earth, I’ve made friends of all sorts from many different places around the world. I... (more »)
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