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Here are the most recent love / relationships articles:

On Love and Acceptance
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Our emotional desires can be boiled down to love and acceptance. Unsurprisingly, the importance of which cannot be overstated in literature, art, and all forms of entertainment. On a personal level, we understand the importance of love and... (more »)
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Teenage crushes are an early approximation of romantic love. Consider crushes are of two kinds – identity crushes and romantic crushes. In both cases, the teenager feels smitten by a compelling person who captivates their attention... (more »)
Is It Okay For Girls To Ask Guys Out?
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Okay friends, I need your help. This question has been on my mind, and I’d really like to hear what y’all think about it. Do you think it’s okay for a girl to ask a guy out? Now before you start jumping to conclusions and assuming that... (more »)
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How to Make Your Crush Fall for You in Four Days
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There is a special time in a young girl's life when she sees the boy that fits the fingers crossed criteria : you know? Mr. Tan and Handsome as Pearl from Spongebob would say. The butterflies you feel in your stomach every time he looks in... (more »)
False Love?
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I was in love at first sight. There he was tall, brown hair, blue eyes, and my kind country type, good looking, kind man. Months went by and we had classes together, the more classes the more talking. The more talking the more texting, the more... (more »)
A Form of Love?
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Love is really strong, it is that one feeling that can affect every other one. It is that one feeling that determines how you are influenced and what you do about it. When I first tried out relationships, it did not go anywhere near good (as of... (more »)
All Is for the Best
By , Bloomfield Hills, MI
We all want to believe that the world, like an oyster, holds a pearl of truth. Some divine and indisputable truth that awaits our discovery. I want more than anything for that to be true—that life is inherently meaningful and I’m... (more »)
On the Subject of Love
By , Houston, TX
On the Subject of Love, You will inevitably fall in love. That is a cruel and sick fact of life. You will find someone and decide, this is the person I will allow to corrupt my life. The one who will destroy my desirable figure. The one who... (more »)
Friendships Are Like Shoes
By , Franklin Lakes, NJ
Friendships are like shoes. When you are little, your mother always tells you that you have to buy a size bigger for when your feet grow. She also says that it is okay if your shoes have too much room in them, even though they are... (more »)
A Highschool Love Story
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Why? Why do you feel the need for “love”? Why? Why do you feel the need to make out against other peoples lockers? Why do you feel the need to rub your ..“love”.. into the single pringles of the worlds faces? Just why?... (more »)
Does "Love" Even Matter?
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“I love you,” and “I love those shoes.” “I love you,” and “I love this chicken alfredo.” “I love you,” and “I love Ryan Gosling .” In the English language there is... (more »)
Love Doctor Responds
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Hello and welcome all of you here with me , in this article we will be speaking about how relationships start and what make them end . Here we are speaking about socities and lectures , on the first hand the open minded and sociable people who... (more »)
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It is so true what they say, parents are the most important people to have in your life. Parents make you feel safe, protected, and loved. They are always here to enjoy the good times with you,  and they are always here to help you push... (more »)
Broken Pieces
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I walked around yesterday in the gloomy, cold afternoon. I passed  all of our old secret hiding spots where we shared shy first kisses and gulps of laughter. I stopped at each, and lightly grinned at each bittersweet memory. Leaves of numerous... (more »)
Love from Peachtree lane
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My favorite place in the entire world is my grandparents house. If you ask most people they’d say Hawaii or the mountains; to me its my grandparents house on Peachtree Lane. My grandma keeps it in pristine condition at all times and the... (more »)
PDA in the Hallway
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I stop in front of my next class, book bag in right hand and textbook in my left. The class before me is still finishing up, so I lean against the lockers behind me, drop my stuff and wait for the bell. There are a couple of students around me,... (more »)
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