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Most Recent Love / Relationships Articles

Here are the most recent love / relationships articles:

It's Okay to Be Gay
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It’s ok to be gay; there are so many people in this world that are lesbian, homosexual or bisexual. There is nothing wrong with being one of these because they are also a sexual orientation, being one the orientations isn’t bad. You... (more »)
Notice Me?
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"Uhh..." I try to speak, but with my words sputtering everywhere. By this time, he's walked off, to his friends. I am left, standing alone, in the empty hall way. My friend is in a bad mood, going off with my other friends. I don't want to cry,... (more »)
Not Just a Word
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We abuse the word love. I believe that only some of us have ever truly experienced or felt love. Love isn’t just a word or feeling, it’s who you are. To be or to feel love is something extraordinary. If you love someone then you... (more »)
Not Too So Familiar
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Today marks one year. One year since I left him. What he convinced me was love, I left. Left because somewhere along that road, I realized that I loved me more.  Neglecting his name, position, and income. I was worth much more. If he ever... (more »)
A Four Letter Word
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Love. When your heart melts like butter on hot toast at the sight of someone. When you feel lightheaded and free. When you ache to be with them, to look at them, to touch them. The humidity of your heart increases rapidly. When you lay in bed at... (more »)
Age Isn't but a Number...
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Age does matter. It does matter in a relationship. Love knows no age, but age knows love. 16 And pregnant is not the way to go. Being pregnant is not a good thing at a young age. It makes you turn yourself not only into an adult, but a parent... (more »)
True Love
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As the heart skips a beat you realize something... youve never felt this way. Your heart pounds againist your chest and makes you feel like it just might break through. You realize that this person, the one right infront of you is the one that... (more »)
She is My World
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“It was love at first sight” is such a cliché saying for romance, but seeing her for the first time was magical, using it is the only way for me to describe it. I seen her around school with her girlfriend, but I never... (more »)
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I feel like love at this age can be horrifying. We have all heard the saying "who you are with now can either end in a break up or in marriage" and that is terrifying to me. To think the person I am with right now can be gone, or won't ever... (more »)
Thoughts on a Middle School Crush This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.
By , Princeton, NJ
Look, I am not the sappy, romantic type. I absolutely hate those scenes in movies where the girl is like, "But I love you!" and then they kiss in the rain. I can't stand to see people kissing in public. But even I have succumbed to the plague.... (more »)
It's Gone
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When you asked me what I wanted... I thought about him. Despite everything we have gone through. Both the good and the bad. All I wanted and craved was him and everything we once had shared. Maybe sometimes the bad outweighed the good, or the... (more »)
I Guess
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Darby-     I guess you don't know what it feels like to be unloved. Well, I do. It's every day of my life. Katie knows. Katie makes a point of telling me she loves me every single day, just so that I know that even of nobody else does, she... (more »)
I Reject the Statement, "Love is a...
I reject the statement, "love is a feeling." If feelings carried that much importance, that much emotional weight, then the we would all be condemned to emotional chaos. Our destiny would be a constant state of shallow warfare. If feelings could... (more »)
A Heart Reborn
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The heart shatters... as bullets fly by and the eternal flame of love is put out. The world sees this emotion with blind eyes and uses the word love so small and uncaring. But yet its so much more it is the passion of one soul and when it is... (more »)
Heart Beats and Lies
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People's heart's beat around 75 beats per minute. Every year many are saved through CPR when they have heart troubles. Many times these heart troubles are caused by emotional injuries produced from lies. Lies, they tear family's and hearts... (more »)
My Thoughts On Love
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Love. Romance. Lust. Limerence.   A timeless and wonderful and bittersweet thing, catching you when you fall, making you fall, and the act that pushes you and motivates and pulls and pushes you. Yep, that's love for you.... (more »)
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