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Most Recent Love / Relationships Articles

Here are the most recent love / relationships articles:

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Have you ever had that one person who you got so attached to just by only a couple of weeks. It is I could say possibly the worst feeling ive felt other than loosing a family member. You get so hurt once they leave your life with no... (more »)
i spy with my little eye
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dear diary…’ there was ink on her fingers from the fountain pen she was holding, scrambling onto the crumpled piece of paper she’d had placed on her lap.   i was looking directly at her from the other side... (more »)
Freely Love
By , Sunnyvale, CA
When I was a child, I remember my classmates telling me that “God loves us all”. Being raised in a Buddhist household, the idea of “God” was vague to me. Most of my friends were Christian. Being young and naïve, I... (more »)
How to Raise Your Parents
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In the article” How To Raise Your Parents” by Gracieblue I agree with the author that as your parents grow old that they're going to be leaning on you  like when we were children. The author says,” Remember : your parents nursed you for... (more »)
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Love is an illlusion, a perfect illusion. It never matters to anyone. What is love, anyways? Those months of no talking, no communication! No texts, no calls, no time. It's only fair, I stopped making time for you. But you wanna know... (more »)
Online Dating
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Nowadays people say online dating is  more difficult than dating in reality. I tend not to believe that but then again this society is a bit messed up now. I have older friends from different sexualities that date online and they tell me... (more »)
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Love. Cruel. Breathtaking. Un-erasable.    It involves two people. Who, not always, have feeling for each other. It could be one-sided, or not feelings at all. Peer pressure, also puts us in a vulnearable postition of having a... (more »)
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Have you ever loved someone so much and then get hurt in the end of all of it? That you cried yourself to sleep thinking what you did wrong, just laying in the dark and over thinking while your thoughts haunt you. Screaming and crying until you... (more »)
What We Lack
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We have succeeded in many aspects of life on earth especially when we don’t know what’s out there. Like high technology and a way of life, a civilization. But we have also failed in many aspects of life … Love, compassion, gratitude,... (more »)
Your Average Joe
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He’s tall and elegant, with dark brown hair, and hazel eyes that couldn’t hide a lie.   A smile that could tell his whole story, with draped freckles to show off his imperfections. But he’s not just a face.... (more »)
My Hero
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“Men are what their mothers make them” is a quote by Ralph Emerson that I believe is very true. Now I am only fourteen years old and I’m still a kid. By no means am I a man yet, but I think that I am a pretty good kid and... (more »)
What Is Love?
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Love, what a simple word for something filled with such joy what dreamers dream of. It’s a dreamers dream love but what is love exactly? Yes, I know i’m just a teenage little girl wondering about love, But I wanna find out what love truly is... (more »)
Anyone Else Alone?
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So at my school everyone is becoming a couple. I don't know what to do because I cannot have a boyfriend yet. I like two people and they both like me back. I want to make a move but I am not allowed to. I need some help in what to say to them. I... (more »)
The Meaning of Love and Friendship
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I have always knew but never truly realized how much love means to a person.  Whether it be with a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, or it be a friend or best friend, or even a person who just met, you are always loved.  I’ve now... (more »)
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Have You Ever...
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Have you ever gotten that feeling to where your stomach feels weird? What was that called? Oh yeah, butterflies. Anyway i get butterflies when I talk to you, or should I say text... however your an amazing best friend and i love that... (more »)
In Love with the Idea of Love
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I am in love with the idea of love. It does not matter who you are we are all in love with the idea of love. Younger people want to be in love and older people are happy to be in love. No one has ever questioned why do we want to fall in love?... (more »)
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