February 26, 2018
By elmmi22 SILVER, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
elmmi22 SILVER, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
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Anger can make you strong if you choose to let it. Anger can also make you weak.You are given the choice to be weak or strong. To be strong, you must turn your anger into something good, but to be weak, you use that anger in a harmful and dangerous way. You could do so much because of anger and it is up to you to choose how to deal with it.
Anger gives you the ability to stand up. It allows you to say no. Tell those he work to bring you and others down to back off. To teach others that instead of being bullies they could use that anger to make themselves fit in. Anger helps us to relate to others and connect. Anger gives us the opportunity to talk responsibly, so that your problems can be resolved in a respectful manner. Anger can open up the door to kindness.
Anger also gives you the ability to hurt and cause pain towards others. It allows you to to make somebody feel like a nobody. Tell others that they lack this and that and make them feel like a failure. To teach others a lesson that they shouldn’t have to learn. Anger helps us find that hidden rage inside of us. Anger gives us the opportunity to ruin relationships beyond repair. Anger can open the door to pain.
Anger can make you strong or it can make you weak. It’s one hundred percent up to you with what you do with your anger. Anger allows you to love, but it also allows you to hate. It can give you freedom, but it can also put you in a trap. Anger changes your whole life whether it’s in a good way or in a bad way. What are you going to do with your anger? Use it for good or use it for bad?

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This piece was written to submit in the Anger is a Gift contest.

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