Getting Me Back

February 14, 2018
By Kie Burns BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
Kie Burns BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
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What’s wrong with me? What did I ever even do to make you hate me? I don’t understand. Do you know that you have hurt me by doing this, did you even think before saying and doing what you did? I guess in a way it’s kinda my fault though, I mean I did fall in love with you after everyone told me not to,and I did stay by your side even after all the stuff you put me through I just want to know did you think how my life would be like if you had just said that you would never care about me or never love me the way I did.

You are my best friend but yet you somehow make me feel so bad. You are the only person I can trust fully, well you used to be anyway, you always ask me for second chances and me being me I give them to you. I don’t know how much more my heart  can take, I give you everything and all you have ever given me is reasons  to hate you but I don’t for some reason I love you even when you say you hate me you don’t care about me I’m always there.

This is my fault, right? I’m the reason your life is so hard. Wrong: I’m the reason my own life is hard because I give everything to someone who gives nothing to me and I could have better, but every time I try and find better you come along and mess with my mind like you want me to stay even though you tell me to  go I don’t understand. What is it about me that you like so much but you can’t even tell me?  If you love me so much you don't want me to go then why say you hate me is it because you get tired of me  but when I’m gone you miss me, is it because you know how much I have changed your life?

One day I won't be there for you to cry to, one day you will realize just how much hell you put me through and when that day comes I don’t know if I will be there waiting because guess what, now that you a moved schools I’ve found someone way better than you and there's nothing you can do to stop me this time. I still love you and forever I will no matter what you do because at the end of the day your my best friend and I wouldn’t ever want to change that but I’m done playing games and losing myself and my happiness I’m getting me back. 

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