February 14, 2018
By Love,Sophie BRONZE, Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania
Love,Sophie BRONZE, Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania
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What is love? People may say, oh, it's when two people like each other; it's the affection a mother gives to her child. Real love is not at all that, but much more. It is caring for everyone, giving affection to those who have lost all they had. It's being kind and respectful; to love in general is the greatest power. Love is not just about affection, it's caring, trusting, respecting. Love is given by true friends, ones that care about you, and can trust you with their secrets. Picture all the homeless people, wounded warriors deployed and the ones retired. The ones who have no one to give them love and attention, alone, desperate, sad. Homeless and abandoned animals, caged and alone. Give a little love, that's all I’m asking. Look at the friends you haven’t talked to in a while, a simple, “how are you?” will do. Talk to someone new! Spread love like a disease. Find what love means to you. Connect with the world around you. Love can take many forms, but there are people out there without it. Get to know someone before you judge them, be kind, be courteous, be strong, and love.

Sometimes, life isn’t that easy. It's not a stroll in the park. It’s not some blue sky day, nothing stays the same. We may not be perfect, and we definitely aren't equal. We have many choices in life, in a day, in an hour, even in a second. We make so many choices, but do we make the right ones? We choose to judge that person, because they are different, because they aren’t like us. But who is us? Who are you to say what they are, who the can be, what they can dream. What makes us is what we do. Someday, what you have done to someone, will come back and kick you hard, or it may praise you with the best rewards. We struggle, we fight, we cry. We are very much the same. Give a chance to someone else, see their potential.  I believe there is good in everyone. This world will fall apart before it comes together. Look around you next time you’re out, at the families, couples, children, even loners. Look at their emotions, understand what they are feeling. Take in the big picture that we are yet so small, so fragile, and yet we still treat each other differently. We all have family, loved ones, friends. Put yourself in their shoes. It takes brains to make a decision, but heart to make the right one. Be respectful, be kind, and love.
There will be bad days, and there will be good days. What matters most is that you keep pushing on. Fight through the toughest moments, and Fly beyond the others. Life is made up of moments, good and bad, happy and sad. The littlest moments are what make a memory. A memory which you can cherish forever. Listen to a good song, connect it to something important in your life, and understand the meaning. Every time you hear that song now, it reminds you of that moment. After you have cooled down from a rant, or something that has put you down. Sit down and think about what makes that little moment special. You can’t let terrible experiences bring you down. Stand up! Run around, be a little crazy! “A good life is a collection of happy moments” - Denis Waitley. Outnumber the bad memories, because in the end, we only live once. It's time to make a change in your life. You have one life to accomplish so many goals. There are many things you want to do; it's just a matter of when. Meet new people, go outside your comfort zone, and feel how amazing it is. Explore and wander the earth, new experiences, and New Memories.

We may not have it altogether, but together we have it all
                         Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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Totsi BRONZE said...
on Feb. 20 2018 at 7:01 pm
Totsi BRONZE, Albay, Other
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Glad you have a beautiful meaning of love.when everybody is watering it down!

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