Learn To Love Yourself

February 1, 2018
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Older generations have told me to learn to love myself. However, it's difficult when relationships are no longer about love. They are about one's idea of what love is. And if that person has been only exposed to abuse and toxic relationships, it will be more difficult for them to know what love is. It takes time, as most things do. I for one, have been manipulated time and time again. But i've learned to embrace that pain and make it into something positive. Which for me is writing poems and posts about my struggle with anxiety, depression, etc. And I hope to help others with my own experiences. 

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Sabrina15 said...
today at 11:46 am
I totally agree with what you said about how relationships are no longer about love.Guys want one thing and one thing only.Now days,guys only really care about how they look with a girl they like if he thinks y'all would be ugly as a couple,he believes it.He wouldn't be in a relationship with you,wouldn't even try just because the fact that he would rather listen to what others say then listening to what his heart tells him to do.
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