Perks of Having a Gay Best Friend

January 23, 2018
By ayy.isoah02 BRONZE, Battle Creek , Michigan
ayy.isoah02 BRONZE, Battle Creek , Michigan
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Who is there for you when your bestie Veronica switches up on you with her new boyfriend? Not your straight best friend, but your very own gay best friend. Gay best friends have existed for ages, and I’m pretty sure they don’t intend to go away anytime soon.

Picture this, you’re looking in the mirror, thinking “I look fat” so you send the outfit on you to all of your friends on snapchat. Your bestie Veronica as always sticks with a positive approach such as “Omg YES b, Slay, u don’t look fat @all!” While your classic ol’ gay friend is there saying “Yikes, you look rough. Change it”. Clearly you should listen to him instead of Veronica because liars don’t get anywhere in life, it’s proven. 

Moving on to a more obvious reason on why gay friends are better consists of the following statement. He will always take your side. Even if it’s over something you’ve done wrong he’s still going to be there saying things like “You deserve so much better!” and “You’re an honest queen, now get out of my face until you come back with an attitude.” Why? Because I, myself am a gay best friend. Why else would I be such an expert at this? 

Continuing, we must discuss the fact that no matter what your gay best friend is doing, he will always be your go-to boyfriend. Have a creepy guy messaging you? Having a bad day, and you just want someone to hold your hand and make you feel like you’re not alone? Sick and tired of guys hitting on you? Gay. Best. Friend, is your solution! He will take your hand, and hold it, no matter how sweaty your palms are, he’ll hold it, and only complain a lot about it later, because who wants to hold a  crying girls hand? Absolutely nobody, so thats why theres a gay best friend, because he wants you to be happy, and he wants you to feel loved, so he fights through the disgust. Onward with this, your gay best friend will hug you, he will kiss your forehead, your cheek, and he will even say how much he loves you at any part of the day. Why? Because that’s what you gotta do.

When speaking to a gay best friend you will always be right, because he doesn’t want to have any conflict. Also, your opinion will always matter more than his because he’s nice, and he cares about your well being, with any thought of you being unhappy upsets him. Why again? BECAUSE HE CARES ABOUT YOU NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES. He loves you more than he loves himself, he cares about you more than anybody else, because you are as important to him as he is to you.

There is nothing better than a gay best friend with no pretense. We can be too honest for you, or too real to tell you when  you’re gaining weight, but heck, no other person in this world can tell you what they see in you, and trust me… you need that.  You need someone to tell you without hesitation how strong you are, how great your aspirations in life are, and how freaking beautiful you are  or even how stupid you are for buying that expensive clothes.

Need help finding a gay best friend? Well, then you should probably open up your eyes because if you really listen close enough then you can hear the sound of a man calling a woman stupid for wearing their hair up, but really, it’s not just a man calling a woman stupid for wearing her hair up, it’s a gay man telling his best friend in the whole world that she looks absolutely stupid with her hair like that. Find a gay best friend and hold onto him tightly, and never let go. After all.. The best things in life are gay.

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