Love Is a Great Thing

January 17, 2018
By Anonymous

Love is a noun and a verb that has many meanings, it could mean you are in LOVE with somebody like romantically, you could be in love with a food. It shows greeting, Kindness and love shows itself.

Love is a wonderful thing; the feeling is go great! When I am around the person I love and most people are the same way, they get butterflies and fireworks go off! Boom! Crack! Boom!

It could be used in an ending of a letter or a small note of some sort… “Love, “your name”

I guess depending on what you love it can have a taste and a smell. For example, say you love pizza… Oh the smell of that glorious pizza, I can’t wait to taste the juicy sauce with the stringy cheese on top, what a heavenly smell and taste!”

The Word love, means so much to me, every time my best friend says she loves me I get major butterflies, smile ear to ear, and blush so much!! (She is a bit more than a best friend) She is the perfect explanation! She will randomly write me a letter and message me a whole long thing saying how much she loves me, misses me, cares for me everything! I try to do the same but not as much as her because I don’t want to take her thunder if you know what I mean.

Love is such a great thing

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