Respect the Rainbow

December 11, 2017
By Anonymous

Have you ever been in a group of people and heard someone refer to something “uncool” as gay, or maybe “Gay marriage is weird”. Those people disgust me how ignorant they are. What if someone in the group was gay? How would they feel do you think? What do you do when you hear this? Do you join in? Do you do something? People need to understand there's nothing wrong with gay marriage or being gay.

To start, People all over the world are not respecting LGTBQ. But what does it stand for? It stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning. It's known sometimes as LGBT, LGTBQIA and more but they all mean the same thing. Its people who are attracted to the same gender, 2 genders, or unsure of their gender. LGBTQ is a big topic so i'll talk about gay marriage rights. Only 26 countries of the 195 are allowing gay marriage. So 169 countries around the world are against gay marriage.Did you know According to the Williams Institute about 3.5% of Americans are gay lesbian or bisexual and about 0.03% are transgender? We need to know what the world is doing about this.

Australia is now allowing gay marriage so it's good to know that slowly more and more countries are coming to there senses about letting gay people marry. It's just so unfair about how people are being rejected and abused because of what they were born with. Trudeau recently apologized to gays for being prosecuted in Canada, but is it too late?

Gays are also being rejected from churches because in the old testament of the bible it tells a story about how gays are not respected in the church. People are feeling rejected by how they aren't able to follow their Family religion or the grief of people telling them “No matter how hard you try you won't get into heaven”. That's basically rejection into eternal life if you believe in god.

Imagine you are born and are gay. It's fine as a kid, people not really seeing you as different. Then in high school you are being abused verbally and maybe physically, maybe driven to suicide or depression. Then you grow up in a certain country and you aren't allowed to ever marry the person you love because people see you a different. Maybe you grow up to be famous, come out as gay and .lose lots of respect. This is the life of gays in some countries against gays. Would you want to live this way, forsaken by your peers and country. Of course you wouldn't so we should stop making gay marriage and life difficult.

To conclude people say it's getting better, which it is, but more and more kids are calling bad things “gay” but I think that should be banned and kids should be taught more sense. You can explain to people like that how bad it is and you can also donate to website charities like “Freedom to marry” if you want to help. Slowly but surely we can go to where gays are just seen as normal all over the world!

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