Dear Friend

November 10, 2017
By Anonymous

Dear Friend,

When you say I’m beautiful it only makes me see that zit I can't get to go away. When you say I'm smart I hear the longing in your voice and can't help but feel as though you should have gotten that A+ instead of me. When you say I'm such a kind person I laugh inside and say “if only you knew”. I don't want to be convinced that I am worth loving. I just want a friend who will always love me anyways. Someone who will stick with me if I am fat or skinny, if I break the curve on a test or fail it, if I accidentally tell the whole world your secret or invite that poor kid who always sits alone to come sit with us. Because there will be days my no one could call me beautiful. There will be days I can't add 2+2. There will be days when I hurt people just because I can. But those are the days I will need you most

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