The Butterflies and the Bees

November 3, 2017
By Katiereinbolt SILVER, Hemet , California
Katiereinbolt SILVER, Hemet , California
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I have never been in love but I can only imagine what it feels like to be in love with a person. I imagine it is amazing to truly be in love with someone. You never want to leave them and you always want to hug them and never let go. I can only imagine how happy love makes a person. It is truly beautiful when just the thought of a certain person can make your day a whole lot better. Just the image of a certain person's smile in your brain can make you smile from cheek to cheek. Just a thought of someone can stir up butterflies in your stomach and make your cheeks turn a nice rosey shade of pink. Love is bliss. All until something goes wrong. All of a sudden you guys are fighting all the time and they don’t pop up in your head to make you smile anymore. When you hug them it last just for a quick second and it's over because you don't want it to last any longer. Now the thought of that special someone makes you angry and you think of all the things that you want to yell at them for later when you see them. The butterflies that used to live in your stomach have been replaced with bees and you get stung every time you argue with that “special someone”.Your cheeks turn an angry shade of red. You’re not happy. You feel miserable and you want it all to stop. The love that visited had left and gone back home. The love is gone and you feel empty.  You go through a terrible point in your life when you doubt everything you are doing and you feel useless, sad, depressed. You haven't gone out of you house in two weeks, staying in the same pajamas you were in the day the love left. You finally decide to get some sunshine and actually be productive as the bees leave one by one. You go to Stater Brothers to stalk up on junk food so you can continue in your depressed mood. As you enter the chips aisle, where you intended on spending most of you money, you see the most attractive man turn the corner in the same crusty pajamas he has stayed in the day his love left. You make eye contacts with him and as he smiles the butterflies instantly rush back and this process start all over again.

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