One Night

October 27, 2017
By Zachmarquini BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
Zachmarquini BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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One night is all it takes. All it takes to turn the tide of a relationship. One pointless argument that you won't remember. It can very well ruin everything. They can turn on you that fast. Going from telling you how lucky and happy that they have you to leaving you with an emotional hole in your heart. And the second wave of sadness comes with those four words. " Let's still be friends ", It shows what they thought of you. A regret. Nothing but another disposable friend. To be tossed aside like garbadge. And then they wonder why you leave. Why you need to get away, like everything is fixed with " I didn't want to hurt you ". Yes because that instantly cancels the heartbreak I felt immediatley before you sent that. And so I leave. I'm lonely. But most of all, I wonder why I keep trying.

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Just a collection of thoughts from yours truly.

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