Toxic Relationships

October 11, 2017
By emilyhill20 BRONZE, DeMotte, Indiana
emilyhill20 BRONZE, DeMotte, Indiana
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 What is happening to the relationships in society today? Have women lowered their standards? Today, women are allowing men to walk all over them. The value of relationships has lessened as time goes on. Women have lost their standards of finding a genuine gentleman. I believe in giving second chances; although you can only give so many opportunities and forgive so much.


 I will admit I am a victim of forgiving too often, giving beyond too many chances, and being too kind hearted. I know it is wrong, yet I always forgive and allow them back into my life. This ends now. My standards have changed, my self esteem has grown, and I now know what I deserve.

Two of the most important things to me in a man are trust and loyalty. I have learned that my trust can no longer be given, my trust must be earned. The amount of betrayal I have experienced has caused me to lack trust in most men. A man spews out a sea full of lies yet goes out of his way to tell you how much he loves you. What does he love? Nothing. He lusts, a woman he lies to is not worth anything but a pretty face in his eyes. He never loved me, yet I handed out my trust and forgiveness to him in hope of “fixing” him. Never again, my trust shall be earned and my forgiveness shall only be given to those who deserve it.

As for loyalty, I have learned that it is hard to play my part when a man is auditioning other women for my role. A man who plays the game and treats me and all other women as if we are a game is not to be trusted. News flash, us women are not your own personal playground you can play around with mentally nor physically. Women are seen as a weekend get away when in reality we should be your final destination.

Being part of a relationship like this is emotionally destructive. As for me, I have set my personal standards and learned to be less forgiving and trusting of just any man. Unfortunately, you have to learn your lesson somehow, and in the long run it teaches you how to love yourself before giving your love to anyone else.

Every young girl dreams of finding her movie perfect love story, but it doesn’t always play out that way. You may have thought he was you knight in shining armor but it turns out he was just an idiot wrapped in tin foil. Love is not about how much you say “I love you” but how much you prove it is true. Love is when a person’s happiness is put before your own. There is nothing beautiful or romantic about continuing to allow yourself to be walked all over and mistreated just to be in a relationship.

A woman who trusts you with all her heart is beyond more significant than a “weekend getaway.” As for us women, the most beautiful part about all of this is you; realize your worth and what you really deserve. Do not be quick to give out your trust or forgiveness, love yourself first, and respect yourself. You are worth it. 

The author's comments:

I was inspired to write this piece because I have realized that relationships today are toxic, I have written thoughts and opinions based on my own opiniton that I'm sure many women will agree with. I think this piece will be helpful for both men and women. 

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