He exclaimed, “I didn’t know”; “You never asked”, she answered.

October 4, 2017
By WishalArslan SILVER, Karachi, Other
WishalArslan SILVER, Karachi, Other
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You’re on the phone with your best friend because you got betrayed, while your mother waits hoping you would discuss it with her.

Your wife finally decides to tell you why she’s been a cranky lady throughout the day, but you choose to spend the night with your friends.

You’re watching your brother losing confidence because he gets bullied, but you consider it more important to curse him for getting bad grades.

You’re bragging about the marriage proposal you accepted, while that girl in your group got divorced.
You’re showing off the brand new car you bought to your neighbour, while he has to walk to his college to save money.

You’re listening to your friend’s rant of how clingy her girlfriend is, while your father wishes you would ask him if he has been alright this week.

You’re busy telling your friend about the new job you got, and she cries inside because she recently lost one.
Accept the fact that you don’t know everything about the people around you. Don’t forget to ask others about their day before you start telling them yours. Sometimes, people have words hanging out the edge of their tongue hoping to lose grip on a mere question. There is a whole story behind every reaction you get to see. Don’t wait for people to ask if you’re okay, ask them instead. People wait for others to ask things that are hard to say otherwise. Always check on people and you won’t be worried why no one checks on you.

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