Do Instagram Feeds Show Friendship?

July 23, 2017
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I was scrolling down my Instagram feed one morning and checking the lives of all of my acquaintances to notice one thing. Out of all of the selfies and group photos online I realized I was not among any one of them.

I turned to my best friend's feed to see a bunch of photos of her classmates and recent selfies from all of the event she had been to.

Her most recent selfie was of her and her friend from her old school smiling together at the local amusement park.

I remembered all of the times we had together and wondered, was it all real?

She had never taken a photo with me and deleted all of the photos I photobombed and kept her posting mostly to herself.

Why I thought?!

Was our friendship real? Everywhere online there are photos of people with their 'best friends' all smiling next to each other.

I have never been in one of them in a long time.

Today social media seems like the ultimate way to share your life to others. All of the people you see in the photos must be involved with the person in the photo in some way.

So does the lack of me being in any of the photos of my friend mean I don't exist in her life?
I pondered with worry and frustration wondering if she really was my friend.

Until I came to a realization. What happens online isn't real. Just because you take photos with one person and claim they are your friend doesn't mean that if they don't take photos with you they aren't your friend.


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