Pride Month

June 7, 2017
By , Dunmore, PA

June is known as Pride month. Each day in this month, we celebrate a different form of love, gender, and acceptance. In my opinion, Pride month is a very important topic to discuss because many don’t know the importance of love.

During June, we celebrate equality. Yes, gay marriage is legal, but we are still fighting for equality beyond marriage. People don’t seem to understand this. They look and think “Well, same-sex marriage is legal, so the LGBT community  don’t need any more rights.” Actually the LGBTQ+ community is a lot much more than just marriage. Each member needs his or her rights.

If someone wonders why heterosexuals don’t get their own month of celebration, here are some key points. Every month is basically heterosexual month. Heterosexuals didn’t need to fight for marriage rights. People don’t feel different around heterosexuals. Those are just some reasons as to why straight people don’t get their own month.

This June, celebrate love and equality. You’ll see a difference if you do.

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