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May 30, 2017
By Keli.Borem BRONZE, Tomahawk, Wisconsin
Keli.Borem BRONZE, Tomahawk, Wisconsin
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Divorce.  A word that makes every teen with divorced parents cringe. Anyone with divorced parents know the perks, but they also know the devastating disadvantages. Any teenager would know the pain of carrying school bags, duffel bags, and sports bags back and forth between their parent’s houses, or the inability to see your parent when you wish to. This is why divorce needs to be avoided at all costs. Divorce negatively affects the emotions of teens, leaving permanent scarring, and causes depression and/or anxiety.

Divorce can actually affect teens much more than one would assume. It leaves a scarring feeling of their life torn in two. Without help, most of teens take years to recover from their parent’s divorce, even if they’re peaceful ones. [Grow Up Easier] A teen who is suffering from the emotional instability, it could affect them in the long run. A teen who has parents who went through a divorce, they are nearly twice as likely to repeat a grade. Teens with divorced parents can be five times more likely to be expelled or suspended from their school at some point in their education. Due to negative outbursts or the inability to pay attention.[csun]  Negative reactions are expected from the youth when parents draw them into the adult relationship challenges. Instead of teens relying on their parent’s for relationships, it’s the other way around. Without help, life long problems like emotional walls, fear of falling in love and having a relationship can develop. All teens need a calm, secure, predictable, and relaxing environment to grow up in. With the stress of growing up, and school, it’s the least of what they deserve.


Many people diminish the true meaning and feeling of divorce by saying, ”it’s not all bad, you will have two families instead of one! Two Christmas’ instead of one! Two of everything.” Attempting to persuade the teenager that their parent’s going through divorce is good, and they are envied by people with parents who are still together. Attempting to make everything seem like this is a good idea, that this is okay, that you shouldn’t be upset about it anymore. For some, this is true, but most teenagers who have divorced parents would rather have one of anything with a constant home, instead of having two of everything. So many people brush off the teens feelings during a divorce. Without help, teenagers of divorcing parents can act uninvolved or uncaring. They can withdraw more than usual from their parents, becoming sarcastic or uncommunicative. Many dismiss these as the actions of an average unsatisfied, hormonal teenager.

Many in favor of common divorce, believe that some people don’t belong together, leaving the kids in an unsteady home. It’s understandable that some people are just not meant to be together, to have a life together, but shouldn’t that have been established before committing your lives in holy matrimony or before having kids. There are questions you must ask yourself before you bring an entire dependent child into this world. Such as, “Do I want this person to be the mother or father of my children? Do you have unsolved issues that you need to work out before committing your life with?”

Divorce is a physical roller coaster of emotions, rejection, failure, and loss for both the parents and the children.There are 2 divorces every minute in the US, age being a large factor in the statistics. Many people who marry young are more likely to get divorced.[Avvo] As a young adult, you are still attempting to find yourself. To grow into your full potential of a human being. One is unable to do that if they have a partner to hold them back in ways they need to move forward. 

Divorce represents one of the most stressful life events for teens and adults. Stress risk factors are, the point after the divorce, conflict between parents, the loss of much needed relationships, and remarriage. While teens are attempting to recover from their parent’s divorce, they’re usually forced to also watch their parent’s go back into the dating pool. This can be especially stressful for some teens due to their need to protect their family.
While divorce should be avoided at all costs, everyone knows it’s not entirely preventable. Is it possible that divorce is just unavoidable, and as time goes on the statistics will increase even more? Planning ahead could possibly prevent people from getting themselves into unfortunate situations in the future.Through experience, this is the best way to prevent hardship where hardship is not deserved. When addressing divorce and teens with parents going through divorce, pretending to envy them or attempt to reduce the intensity of divorce can sometimes make it worse. It’s not easy, or fun, but we decide our fate and or actions, not anyone else.

The author's comments:

My parents are divorced, and I related really well with this topic. Anyone with divorced parents can most likely relate to what is said in the article. Knowing that you're not alone is what matters. 

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