High School Love

May 18, 2017
By Anonymous

I am a 17 year old girl. I have yet to have a boyfriend or any serious thing with a guy. I personally think the guys around where I live are no good. But as Erik Erikson would describe, I am at my Intimacy VS Isolation stage in life. I do feel lonely not having anyone, yes I get im still ''young," but almost about to graduate in a year I still want that young love since I am only young once. I wanna experience the young and dumb type of love. One where we have no worries on paying taxes or going to work but our worries are what will we wear when we go on our chick-fil-a date. I want a love where I don't feel desperate to find my husband but just a guy I can simply share feelings and good times with. A love where it has meaning and I can always cherish our memories together in a special way where it was my first everything. Call me an idealist, but I just want to feel something with a guy who feels something meaningful with me too. 

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