Are Relationships Hard?

May 18, 2017
By tanny12 BRONZE, Mount Sterling, Ohio
tanny12 BRONZE, Mount Sterling, Ohio
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Relationships are one of the hardest things a person goes through in their lifetime at one point. Love is one of the most common things in this world. I mean you hear it on the radio 24/7. There is tons of books about love. At one point in your life you are going to find a true love. It’s not always like the movies. The movies where everything is so great, they get along and no arguments. Sure, everything can be great and they can get along well that’s why they like each other. But it’s very unrealistic to say that they won’t have any disagreements. Even Romeo and Juliet had their moments where they went at it at each other. But they were still in love weren’t they? Making time is also hard. You’re going to have a job. You are also going to have to take time for yourself. But if you really love that person you will always find a way to see them. No excuses. Do you know the main reason why relationships are hard? It’s not the time or the job. It’s about commitment. You got in a relationship for a reason. It should be one of the most important thing on your mind. You have to want it. Times will get hard. You both have to fight for your relationship to keep going. No giving up. Especially when somebody tries to get in the way of your relationship. Just push them away and ignore them because it’s just you and your spouse against the world. They are not with you to just pass time. They are with you because they want to grow with you and make a family. Both people are going to have to fight for that.

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