Ask Yourself, Love or Lust?

May 3, 2017

There are a lot of words in the english dictionary that seem to be pointless in today's society. One especially, however I hate calling it to the attention of people, but these days some of them are completely overused and not even said correctly. 


The word, love for example. People say it to their boyfriends, their best friends, their neighbors, and people they literally just met twenty-six seconds ago. I think people need to cut that nonsense out of their lives. 


If you used that word how it was supposed to be - properly. It would be like hearing it come out of someone's mouth like cotton candy in your very own. Let me tell you this, it would be absolutely sacred. Something you only tell someone when you feel like your stomach is tied in knots, and your words won't come to your lips soon enough for you to speak them; When you feel like you can't be without someone, and when you are a way from them all you think about is that one person. Not two, three, or six.


Love is becoming such of a cliche word nowadays, that whenever someone says it to me, I either cringe, or I laugh. If I don't know the person that well, I practically roll around on the floor - tears in my eyes, because that is how funny I find it. Don't get me wrong, if you mean it and say that to me, I would be in awe, and I'd be so flattered, but people just say the word in my opinion, if you are beautiful. I've had people joke around and ask me to marry them, and honestly, all I can do is walk away, bitter. I do this knowing that beauty comes before personality in today's society. 


I hate how such of a beautiful word has become such of a horrific experience for me to even listen to, who are you kidding? Only yourself, so ladies and gentlemen, for future reference, do not abuse this word more than it already has been. Let the word have its comeback for what it should be, when someone tells you they love you... think to yourself, love or lust? 

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