April 13, 2017
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Relationship is the toughest and the happiest word that exists in the English dictionary. It's so damn hard to handle and yet so damn delightful.. Take mine for an instance, it was all going wonderful! Literally! But then, you do one stupid mistake, you f*** up forever. There's no absolute apology to anything in life. Every time you let go or apologize, it takes away a part of your love that's never coming back.. Never ever. And if you rush into things, you're done with everything in a limited time. It's more like a short term investment! You know what keeps a relationship alive and canny? The desire. Yes! It's all about the desire. The desire to love the same person more and more everyday. Every second. For the rest of your life.. It's very easy to put it in words, but when it comes to proving it, hardly a few make it through.. A relationship goes on, you have to deal with love, ecstasy, fantasy, pleasure, sorrow, griefs, jealousy, curiosity, insecurity and what not? Dont give up. It's the ultimate solution.. You know it when you see her face. The smile on her face, you're ready to pay millions for. The way she looks at you. The way she makes you feel wanted. Every guy on this planet wants this! I had this. HAD! Every single dime of happiness.. But then I f*** up. And within a fraction of second, people hate you.. They talk s*** about you.. It becomes so hard to hold on.. You feel like giving up everytime but then again that smile of her flashes in your mind and you tell yourself, "Stupid! It's all worth it. Fight for that piece of perfection. Bring her back. To your heart, where she belongs." I made terrible mistakes I regret, and if you're reading this, I hope you get my point..Her love is one in a lifetime. You mean it every time you say that.. Have faith in your love. Dont ever give up if you actually crave for a future ahead.

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