Boys rule, Girls Drule

April 10, 2017

Everyone says “ girls rule” and that boys “ drule”. But, is that really how you see it? Girls are too busy trying to make themselves beautiful by caking on pounds and pounds of makeup and hairspray.
We forget what's really important, all because we want to impress some boy who will never truly care for us. 
The real definition of beauty is not by how “fleek” your eyebrows look but how much warmth your soul can hold.

In order to be beautiful you don’t have to stick out your butt to capture how big your personality is, nor is there a need to reveal the skin of what hold your insecurity the most, to prove your worth.
  Beauty is found within every inch of our soul, and if he can't see through the layers of you and see your courageous mind act’s, being passionate  for the things you adore, how much you like to smile, or when you laugh you leave behind a few snorts.

Girls don't rule, we drule.

Drule for boys who rate us on by how big our chest is and whether we will give up our innocent for their pleasure.
The ones who show off our body as if we are their possession and we own them our gratitude for giving their heart to love us.

Why should it be so difficult to just love us for who we are and not for what you want us to do.
Love shouldn't come with strings and requirements.
It should be free of no charge.

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