What Can You Do When Your Steady Cheats On You?

April 7, 2017

SO YOU’VE JUST discovered that your steady has been cheating on you. You’re so angry and upset you just can’t bear it. For some girls, this is a vivid shock. For others, they saw it coming a long time ago.

Thinking back, you may notice that there were signs all along, but you didn’t realize it at the
time. Maybe the signs were as obvious as the fact that he began hanging out with this other girl a lot. Sometimes, however, the signs are less easy to identify. Here are a few:

He’s not himself with you
He’s been complaining lately
    that you don’t give him the
    attention or affection he
    thinks he deserves
He’s unhappy with himself
    ( probably because of the guilt )
He’s impatient and seems
    almost bored of you
He’s going to lots of social
    events, but makes excuses
    about why he can’t bring

When you start to see these signs, or notice your relationship is getting a bit shaky, it often means that he’s out and about with another. Guys tend to flit from girl to girl like a bee going from flower to flower, so don’t hesitate to consider that he’s cheating on you. You may be so wrapped up in your infatuation that you think, “He would never move on - I’m his one and only!”

However, that’s rarely the case. Most guys aren’t perfect Prince Charmings that will love you
forever. Young love just isn’t like that. Your parents call it “puppy love” for a reason.

OK, but what do you do now? I doubt you’re ever gonna go back to him. Yeah, he probably said, “It ain’t what it looks like,” but it’s most likely exactly what it looks like. You’re probably never gonna trust him ever again.

So, what now? The first few days are going to be the hardest. Go ahead, cry your eyes out. Rest and lots of water are simple ways to soothe the pain. It’s gonna be tough, but you’ll make it. After this, your sadness will most likely morph into anger. You’ll want revenge.
You’ll want to make him sorry he ever did this to you. Don’t, though. As much as you’d love to throw his head against a brick wall, that won’t solve anything. Instead, take another
approach. Make him jealous. Show him you can get on without him.

Even though you may feel the exact opposite, doing this will make him feel bad. Why? When
a guy has a girl, he’ll often take her granted. Once he loses her, however, he’ll go to any means necessary to get her back.

Even if this tactic doesn’t work and he truly is gone, remind yourself that he didn’t own you. He wasn’t a part of you. You’ll survive.

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