When I Came to America, My Beliefs Changed

March 23, 2017
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I was living a happy life with my family (Mom, Dad) even though  sometimes they were arguing but that doesn’t take away our smile. I had many expriences in my life that changed everything. My life is not the same anymore when I found out that my family was the one that tried to kill my mom and I. My beliefs changed, they never liked us, they were pretending to but it wasn’t true. They treated us like we didn’t exist. My dad didn’t want to believe anything because they are his family but I understand and I forgive him for not believing what was happening.

So, I had to leave my country to come to the United States because my place wasn’t by their side anymore and never will be. I came to the USA because I wanted a better life, I mean I wanted to feel safe, I wanted my smile back but I was wrong because my family again tried everything to take away that smile. Trying to kill us, treat us like they don’t know who we are, trying to ruin our reputation just because they were jealous, just because we had more possibilities in life than them. My reputation is everything to me so I would never let some ignorant person ruin it.

I will never regret coming to America because it taught me that even your family can be the one that wants to destroy you. I’ve learn a lot, about life, about people, about how fake they can be to you and I’ve also learn that you the only one that will always be there for yourself no matter what happens. Everybody isn’t the same, you can’t really trust them in life. I wish one day I can be happy like I was before.

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