Still Have Feelings but Remaining Only Friends

March 20, 2017

Maybe you've had a best friend that you dated and suddenly things go wrong where nothing was any of your faults. Its been weeks since you guys broke up and suddenly he texts you.. you stare at that text and break a little but are still happy you recieved a text from him. He has a new partner but don't mind at all but still break down. Its been a couple weeks and you both have been talking or messaging still. You've found someone too. But you both have been messaging still this whole time even when you both have new partners. Its wrong but you've been telling each other you still have feelings and all sorts of things like you were still together. But the worse thing is nothing can come out of this just words, hugs, and looks. You act as if everything is fine between you two in public but keep your conversations secret because if people found out it would cause so much drama. So, basically its bottled up with you wanting to tell your best friend but you cant because its secret. For your conversations are unsaid words because youre afraid to show him how you really feel and find out he replys not the same but still shows he still cares, loves, and misses you. He doesnt show other people his emotions like his sister, best friend, or brother until he talks to you and expresses how he feels about you. All of is as right now is just deep conversations and feelings but nothing more because if you could go back things woudn't be the same and our parents are the reason.

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