February 16, 2017
By creative.cherrys BRONZE, Zuni, New Mexico
creative.cherrys BRONZE, Zuni, New Mexico
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Have you ever had that one person who you got so attached to just by only a couple of weeks. It is I could say possibly the worst feeling ive felt other than loosing a family member. You get so hurt once they leave your life with no communication whatsoever. All they leave you with is memories. I didn't recieve a"Bye" or a "Im sorry"... What I did receive was pain of a heartbreak. Whether it be a friend or boyfriend/girlfriend is hard to accept that you two no longer mean anything to each other. Being attached is one of most peoples weaknesses, you think the other person will not leave you until you start to notice their actions. Being attached doesn't make you weak, it shows a lot of how the other person affects your mood. What ive noticed is ive become mean as in letting no one hurt me like the person i got attached to did. Being attached is the worst feeling ever. Until you realize it in the end..

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