How to Make Your Crush Fall for You in Four Days

November 15, 2016
By Myyah BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
Myyah BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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There is a special time in a young girl's life when she sees the boy that fits the fingers crossed criteria : you know? Mr. Tan and Handsome as Pearl from Spongebob would say. The butterflies you feel in your stomach every time he looks in your direction and zones out without you even knowing  or even breathes near you. Are you stuck? Do you need help with how to handle those emotions? It's fine. Pull up a chair. Let's have a little girl chat.


Day 1: Study

Watch him from a distance. If you get too close you might blow your cover. So just lay low and admire the back of his head carefully at that. Notice how each and every single curl is perfectly spiraling into a beautiful coil, kind of like a curly fry but more elegant. Don't forget to blink or else your eyes will get dry. Listen to his voice. Notice how the words just roll off of his tongue just like how silk looks with it moves in the wind, smooth. Do you feel like a creep right now? It's okay. It's normal.

Day 2: Don't panic

Twist it up. Put on a cute outfit, something that you are comfortable with but assume it will catch his eye. Spray your favorite perfume on just because. Walk into the building like nobody's business strutting your stuff like Tyra Banks on the cat walk. You feel fierce and you look fierce. Be sure to pick a seat that allows your good side to show; you want to instantly grab his attention once he walks into the room, which can be at anytime. Pull out a snack in the meantime while you look down at the important document that lays flat on the table. It is important to shove your face before he steps into the room : You don't want him to see you spill Nature Valley granola crumbs all over your cute outfit that you specifically wore to impress him. Pull out a water and wet your throat because you don't want to choke in front of him, possibly giving him a reason to laugh at you. The floor creaks. Is it him? It's time to set the butterflies free.

Take a quick glance out the side of your eye, on the good side if course. If it is him become stiff like a board. Don't you dare breathe sister!! This is the difference between embarrassing yourself and be utterly irresistible. If he comes near you, which he might because people love getting close even when there is a million empty seats to choose from, instantly prepare to freak out. Let your perfume engulf the whole room as you turn your head slightly. Panicking is a perfect thing to do at this moment : I mean, you already look like you're trying to hold a huge fart in --might as well let it out. The thick silk like vocals fill the room oh so perfectly echoing off the small space given. He says randomly “What's that smell? It smells bomb.” If it hurts to breathe, maybe you should breathe. You're experiencing a possible mini panic attack. It’s cool.

Day 3: Introduce yourself

Okay today is a whole new day it is time to make your move, make sure to let out slow careful breaths. Today he sits two chairs down from you again! Allow your heart to burst into a million bubbles as you prepare yourself to speak. Loosen up. It's okay. I insist that you let that weight off your shoulders. Now I dare you to turn slightly towards him allowing your air to swing through the hair smacking a chunk of your Merry Berry Bath & Body Works perfume into his face. 

“Hi”, you say nervously. Let him take a minute to look at you. The  look that you purposely put together just for him. Let him look at you smiling genuinely.

“Hey”, he replies in a monotone voice. Your stomach is just churning until it makes butter. You feel like your organs are about to slip out of your mouth somehow. Let out a deep quiet breath as you lay your head on the table as your fellow co workers come into the room. Just observe as the boys dap each other up, grabbing the soft chairs with wheels under them sitting down in a corner as they pull out their phones showing each other photos, laughing as they talk about their personal business.

You eavesdrop just because they're the loudest people in the room. In those findings you hear something that you probably were not supposed to hear but was so loud you might as well have pulled up a chair in the corner with them.

“Black girls have bad attitudes, I don't want to date a black girl. They are ‘ratchet’, I want a thick Latina.”  Why would he say such a thing? He basically just shot you down without even talking to you directly. All the boys in the room had the audacity to agree with the comment.

Day 4: Realize

The butterflies soon become regular old flies. Your heart no longer bubbles up with joy. No longer are you stiff nor do you have the urge to dress up for him ever again. Take a moment to take in all that you heard yesterday afternoon. Realize that he gives innocent-looking boys a bad name. There is nothing wrong with a little melanin. I don't understand why some boys think so negatively about black girls. Personally I blame social media. They are so quick to assume this is how black girls act based on one video. It's not fair. Why do boys think it's okay for them to place labels on us but not themselves. It's so frustrating. Looks definitely are not everything I'll tell you what. I am going to focus more on what's on the inside than outside. You know, just to make sure that their heart is still red and full of life and not a light greyish color with a crack in it lol  just kidding ; Their personality of course I mean not that I actually had the chance to get to know Mr. Tan and Handsome which was my problem to begin with but just for future references.

The author's comments:

This is a piece based on real life events that should apply to some but not all. Hopefully you enjoy it.

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