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Broken Pieces

October 20, 2016
By JamieTheMisfit GOLD, Hartsdale, New York
JamieTheMisfit GOLD, Hartsdale, New York
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Life is a great surprise. I do not see why death should not be an even greater one-Vladimir Nabokov

I walked around yesterday in the gloomy, cold afternoon. I passed  all of our old secret hiding spots where we shared shy first kisses and gulps of laughter. I stopped at each, and lightly grinned at each bittersweet memory. Leaves of numerous colors fell to my feet in the same faded black converse you used to say belonged in the garbage because they were so old. I kicked air under the leaves and watched them wisp and twirl in the cold autumn air, remembering that around this time years ago, I was waiting for someone to come around and love me unconditionally. You appeared a few months later. When I saw you? I knew I had fallen in love. Once back home I leaned my back against the door of my bedroom and remembered our many beautiful memories. I imagined the desk at the foot of my bed, and the goofy faces we used to make in my full length mirror. I felt there was no one more perfect for me. While I can never forgive you for the hell you put me through, I will never forget all of our wonderful moments of love, laughter, and happiness. I may shed a tear while I write this, but not for you. For the beauty and the love that died many months ago.

The author's comments:

When you love someone and they leave, you get sucked into a black hole of despair and anguish. When the light comes through however, the pain goes away yes. But the scars can always be opened once again with a sharp enough blade.

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