TUMS Are My Hero

September 30, 2016
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Being a shy individual was extremely nerve racking when I was a tiny person going through the motions of Elementary school. Given that TUMS existed, thankfully, they allowed for my mind, emotions and physical body to relax when times like presentations arrived at my door step. A little later down the road in Middle school, this was the time in my life when the pressures of school started to sink in. With all the assignments and speeches, the stress began to physically show. Before a big assignment my stomach would go into knots, and I would start to sweat. This is where I discovered that I could believe in TUMS. I believe in TUMS because they give me the confidence to take important risks in my life.

Throughout Middle school, I was one of those students who dreaded every minute of it, especially knowing that I would be around the same people again, the mean ones. This not only stirred and twisted up my emotions, but it also kept my stomach in an unstable place. With all of the presentations I had to do in front of those I despised for hurting me, TUMS made me feel like myself again, with the strength I knew I had all along. I ended up loathing the bullies in which ended up making me the stronger individual that I became today, but wait.. That does not seem right especially because in a way they helped me out! Without the TUMS, I would not be able to see it clearly and thank those vicious people, terrible presentations and any moment in which I had to converse with an individual that left my nerves screaming then, left my stomach in massive pain.

After the big relief, going to highschool of course, my nerves still seemed to never get rid of the habit. Whenever they were in a vulnerable moment, my stomach had to be just so. I later met a turning point, in which I took the risk to allow myself to be uncomfortable in the most beneficial ways. I put myself out there and set a goal to practice being a conversational human being and exceed in the public speaking area. I did this so that those presentations I still had to do, those friends I had yet to meet and impress, and those teachers who I wanted to enjoy my presence were now places where I could be comfortable taking those risks. Now, I do not want to give TUMS all the credit for where I am today, but they certainly were my friend, hero and supporter whenever those embarrassing and horrific moments happened in my life.

TUMS made my life whole, which is weird to say speaking that it is only a small tablet made up of calcium carbonate. Let me tell you, it still made my life something I loved to live and those moments that I used to take risks, the best parts in my life. With all those nerves that seemed to have all the control over me, I found my hero. Thank you TUMS.

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