Evolution of Love

August 29, 2016

Time changes everything. Love. Hate. Envy. Sorrow. Happiness. In a moment, you can find yourself full of lust, only to find it wasn’t purely lust, but it was driven by that overbearing feeling of love. Within the same moment, you can sense yourself already longing to never lose the love that soon enough becomes intoxicating. The craving to be loved is like that of a drug addiction. Sorrow and pain crashes over causing the realization that this feeling of love that’s so infatuating can end within the same moment it’s discovered. It’s bone chilling and heart breaking, but then again, reality is a cruel thing to accept within itself. Time changes how one reacts to all types of mentally torturous scenarios. It’s only when time involves mind and heart together that happiness can be created just as quickly as it’s been destroyed.

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