Young Love

July 24, 2016
By Anonymous

Young love. Not understood by many. Especially not by adults. Parents in specific. To them "young love" is just a game or sometimes just nothing at all. But they don't understand, they don't know or feel what we do.

I know many that have fallen in love while young and still are together  at 30 and ye many more years to come. Now, why is it so hard for parents to understand it? If it has been proven by others its possible. Why? I believe that if adults and parents don't believe in young love it means they have never actually "in love" or have felt the way being "in love feels. That's just what I feel though.

I kind of understand and see the reason why adults don't believe in "young love." I see reasons, the main reason I see why adults don't believe in "young love" is because we are young and at his age we make many mistakes and believe what we shouldn't and do what we shouldn't. Many of us have done all the above. But them as parents should know their kids well enough to know if its true or not and whether or not to give us and our love a chance. Some of us have true loved to give and know what we want. Especially us who are very emotionally involved with what we feel. Yes maybe we fall in love and break up but maybe that wasn't meant. Or was meant to happen for a special reason or to give a life lesson. Who knows? But if that happens its up to us now and we learned a little life lesson. Am I right or not?

He makes you happy? He makes you smile? He makes you mad, but fixes it all with a simple "I love you"? He texts you morning paragraphs? Goodnight text? Yes. This is what young love consists of. Its love like any other, but I  feel sometimes unwanted, unneeded. Right? And just by that special someone, you feel love, wanted, and needed when everyone else makes you feel the opposite way. When you have someone that makes you feel wanted and loved you don't have as much time to think negatively as you do when not having that someone. So why not just let it be?

There are many reasons why parents and adults in general don't believe/trust/like young love. I and many others don't agree with any of the reasons we know what it feels like, we enjoy having someone who actually likes being with us. Why have the thoughts of others ruin our happiness? Don't they want the best for us? To see us happy?

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