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February 19, 2009
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How do you say something when you can't describe how you feel? How to say it or what to say because you are so mixed up at the moment? Some people go through mental break downs and others may have some crazy method on making a decision. Your head gets all confused, you can't think of anything but your dilemma. Don't worry some comforting words when you're older you will have much bigger problems to deal with. So relax and don't get so stressed out over it because stress causes zits! Besides the situation can't be that bad.

Are you kidding me at our age everthing is a big deal, your brain probably wants to expload but don't worry trust the decision you make and if its about a boy as usual you should think if the person makes you happy, one that doesn't make you lower your morals for, that you see more than once a week, oh yeah and thats single!!!

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