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Talk to Yourself

February 17, 2016
By balachakra PLATINUM, Coimbatore, Other
balachakra PLATINUM, Coimbatore, Other
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Isn’t every human being in this world born with the extraordinary capabilities? Born with the capacity to hold the power of universe. A beautiful feeling that emerges within us that let the world to see the inner love. This is going to be completely fantasy. So start like this!

Get up from the place! Stand in front of the mirror! Look at you! Close your eyes! Say aloud “Love you” that should be heard only by you!

Now imagine the word “Love You” is traveling inside your body, inside your blood, inside your veins, inside your cells, then deep inside the vacuum. It has gone far down and you could just literally feel that your entire body system is filled with love that you cannot imagine off. So you start searching for the lost word that spelled.

Just make your visionaries from the point of view of ants, grass, trees and want to try some nonliving characters or animated ones? Go ahead. But do you realize there is a peaceful language prevailing as hush waves. This is how you were when you were born. Those realizations of peace in world of obtrusions are the real capacity of all human beings. To take all these obtrusions as hymns is bliss to any human being. But why did we lose such innocence in us?

Dominance of one is the submissive of the other. There is always an alarm within us creating the nuisance to our body eco system such that we don’t hear the rhythm of the heart. When we hear, it is just a sound or noise or a beat. But what does the rhythm convey to us? Have we ever tried making a convo with it? At least listen to it? The rhythm can be transcribed in many ways. When you are happy it says ”((whoo)) ((whoo))”, sad “((don’t )) ((worry))”, lonely ”((Mom is )) ((there))”, feeling low “((you can))  ((do it))”, feel like dying ”((life is)) ((more))”, fall in love “((hifi))  ((hifi))”,facing break up “”((friends are)) ((there))”, doing mistakes “”((you will)) ((feel guilty))”. It goes on. Lovely isn’t? When you want to sing, it plays the BG and when you want to dance, it makes you tap the feet. Why don’t we hear much of it?

Because we are busy all the time running for the life and running for the future. While we don’t stop for hearing to these little encouragement leading to the major disappointments. We don’t talk to ourselves. We don’t open the mind to let us what we are. Does talking to yourself is immature? Then what has social media taught us? Searching for the sympathy?  It is a bank of all your feelings, but anyone can share it. If you are moody post a status and still you don’t get any response become even more moody. Isn’t these are peak of immatureness?

Take a break. Talk to yourself. Listen to the music that gives peace to your soul. Dance for Yourself. Through all your complexes. Believe you are handsome/cute. Forget the hard feelings that people have given you. Do not control emotions. Take revenge. But let it cause less harm than what you faced. Remember you are always being loved and that is your maximum capacity to hold the power of universe. You are loved because of one reason, you are “loveable”.

Now, open your eyes. Think there is an adrenaline rush that is gushing towards your heart with all love from your body till your cells. Oh my God it says “Love You!”. Come on say it back. Do not become tired of telling it back to all the cells. There is a dopamine created doubling all the joy that is created by you and only you. Don’t worry you are not reborn. You are the same it is just that that you are reloaded and overloaded with the love.

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