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Don't Change for a Guy, Don't Let a Guy Change You

November 18, 2015
By Nicole1110 SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
Nicole1110 SILVER, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Okay, so I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings but I want to say this because I wish someone was there to say it for me.


Yes boys may be cute, smart, romantic, funny, strong, comforting, and confiding but is it really worth it. In some ways I feel like relationships are overrated or stupid, but some of that is my past. Which your past has a big influence on the guys you date, how you trust them, your jealousy, and even your feelings towards them. So here is my story…


I dated this guy, we really hit it off. He was cute, smart, funny, comforting, and I could tell him everything. Well we dated for about a year, and then things went bad. Yes, every relationship has there ups and their downs, but this wasn’t like a bump. This was enough to tear us apart. He literally ruined my life for a year after it all happened, and everything he did to ruin it didn’t even take a hour.


So we had been dating and he had to move, yeah most people think oh long distant relationships don’t last. This wasn’t long distant though, this was 15 minutes away. One day I was on my way home from school and I got a message from him asking to go to the movies, I unfortunately couldn’t. So any normal person if the meant to or not would be like oh okay bye or oh okay I will find someone else. Nope that is apparently not how he works. He instead said oh i’m sorry I wasn’t  sending that to you. So me being a girl I asked who it was for, he said his mom. So I didn’t think anything of it and then I got another accident message.


It was saying that he was on the way but he didn’t have time to get condoms. Well that made me mad because we simply had said that we can’t or wouldn’t do those things. That text wasn’t meant for me, it was meant for this other girl. Well to this day him and this girl are living in his parents basement, high school dropouts with a 2 year old child. Yeah! I know think about it. It’s funny! He screwed me over and then ended up screwing himself over in the process! He still try’s to ask me to babysit his kid, but you know what I tell him every time……..... That sounds like a personal problem! What I learned from this relationship is that you have to be careful. Honestly ever since then I haven’t dated a single person (ha single lol jk) I have been to scared as to what would happen if I do. Well I want to encourage you not to let this affect you the way I have let it affect me. It is over and done with and you know what I am a better person because of it.


I don’t hate relationships now even after everything that has happened to me. Honestly it was a mistake to date him but I learned from it. That is what you have to do. You learn from every decision you make. Don’t let it change how you live your life. i let myself get to the point if a guy started to talk to me I would get afraid and walk away. Now i’m talking to a nice man that I honestly think will help me out of this mess my ex has put me in.

            Don’t change for a guy, don’t let a guy change you!
            It’s not worth it, you are beautiful, you are perfect!

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