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January 19, 2015
By balachakra PLATINUM, Coimbatore, Other
balachakra PLATINUM, Coimbatore, Other
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The love that makes it all. The love that makes everything.  This world comprises and made the way the people in the world are to love and to be loved. We name the love in different names like mom, dad, brother, sister, cousins, friendship, relationships. Why do we do that? If we deeply think it is much of a selfish kind the human has it as far now from the early ages.  Every human expects to get the love from all of them at the same time. So we the human who made it complicated. When we are sent to earth we were completely poured and filled with the enormous amount of love. Even today we can ever compare the love of infant with anyone on the earth. The words don’t play much when it comes to a born baby to express its world for the love. That’s why it goes immeasurable and unnoticed because our world only spoken words are much considerable and measureable. If a person speaks politely they are sweet if the person sound rude he is harsh type. We differentiate segregate people according to our will and wish. But have we ever thought why a baby smile brings you a flowering emotion. Something actually triggers you in the mind to at least look at the baby and observe for just fraction of second. Have u noticed? However sad, anger, panicked, stressed we are it is boomed at the moment you notice a child. This is a reason some heavenly creators who has sent us to the world still place a child in a womb and makes a gradual development in human life. If he has thought to place a gigantic creature in our mother womb this world might have turned to be always pumped with the BP machine to check the rise. The pain killer, stress reliever everything is love. It has got no form. It needn’t necessarily be chocolate, flowers, money, multi storied building and avenues, but it can be just a smile and the silence. There is no love in the world to be considered as true and fake. If there is one such it is unconditional love that can ever make you feel the pain is blessed. What is an unconditional love mean? For instance we get anger on the people whom we love. Why do we get anger? It’s because we are not getting something what we expected from them and we think they haven’t done it because they don’t love us. That anger is a initiation point of showing our hatred to them since we are hurt. We act mature and we act with conditions. But is that real maturity we don’t feel being innocent. There is a quite lot of difference being immature and innocent and we don’t follow the meaning of it. Innocence is a state of person not being hurt and not to hurt. From that when love evolves that becomes unconditional. It’s to give your heart and mind and even your whole being completely and not to ask or expect anything in return. Not to put a begging bowl to receive the love. Then that unconditional love makes you and your world. Think a world which is rounded with love...will they be war? Will they be vengeance? Will they be anything that you will be disappointed off? No it wouldn’t be. Love like a infant, feel the love like a mother You will the feel the best feeling in the world is pain (that can heal with love)...that’s unconditional love that makes it all.....

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Love like a infant, feel the love like a mother You will the feel the best feeling in the world is pain (that can heal with love)...that’s unconditional love that makes it all.....

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