Love’s Feeling

May 7, 2014
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The feeling you get in the deepest place of your heart, caused by that one person. Fearing what they think…How they feel…The part of you that only that one person sees, and only they will ever see. When you think of just their name every molecule of your body going into overdrive. Not caring where you are or what you are doing, just feeling that pure want of that one person. Accepting their flaws, and how they never see yours. Complete awe when you see their face, and look into their eyes with only one thought.

“I. Love. You.”

It’s the butterflies that lift you up to a new found life. A life where you are still individual, but have another half too. The half that completes you, filling the holes in your heart. Healing cracks…holding your hand through the good and bad times. You will try and protect them from the world and they will run straight towards it. As you watch them come back to you scarred and damaged, you hold them close. Murmuring sweet nothings in their ears. Saying “It’s okay.” Even though you crave to say I told you so.

This feeling is your greatest power and weakness. It is the best and worse in the world all in one package. But don’t fear the feeling of love. Love lights the way in this world even when it causes you pain.

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