What should you do if the person you love, doesn't love you back?

March 18, 2014
What should you do if the person you love, doesn't love you back? That's a tough thing to go through, and as teenagers, it happens more often than not. But I wouldn't call that love. We as teenagers go through a million little crushes.

You might see some random kid in the lunch line that you momentarily "fall in love with", or the same thing with some random person walking down the street. But do any of these people love you back? Considering they most likely didn't even see you, the answer to that would be no. But what about that secret crush you've had since 8th grade? You're so desperately in love with them (or so you think), and they don't even think about you for a second. What are you supposed to do then? What about that one person you have confessed your love to, and they don't love you back? What should you do then? That's a little different than the random kid you saw in your lunch line.

Well, let me tell you this. If that person you've confessed your love to still doesn't love you back, then move on. Why waste your time on someone that doesn't feel the same about you? We are teenagers, it's not like you're going to marry the person, so get over it, and find someone else (or don't find someone, you don't necessarily need anyone at this age). Don't hold yourself up on someone that simply doesn't care. You should move on with your life, and be happy. People get so upset over someone not feeling the same way about them, but really you don't even need them in your life. You can find someone else, or move on with your life and forget about that person that doesn't love you back. You can do better than someone that doesn't love you back. They don't want you, so why want them? It's not much more complicated than one simple sentence, which may be a little harsh, but it's the honest way to handle this, just move on.

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