"Cliques" in the Average High School

February 11, 2014
By Ms.Marie GOLD, Greensburg, Kentucky
Ms.Marie GOLD, Greensburg, Kentucky
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On an average day at the high school I attend I am exposed to a variety of situations. As I have begun to study the different personalities of my peers, it makes me fear as to why they choose the personality they have. I find that high school tends to revolove around "cliques" of students. When sitting in the average classroom you see several different kinds of cliques. You will find the clique of the beauty queens, the clique of the quieter and smarter students, the clique of the rebellious boys, etc. All of these cliques display certain values of who they are. Besides isn't that what a clique is? A group with the same values?

I started thinking to myself, is a clique healthy? Shouldn't students find ways to all cooperate in the same enviornment despite their differences? If we as teens found a way to look at our peers and understand that we all differences, we might find a change in the attitude we all have about one another. As teens if we can begin to develop the outlook that finding a way to resolve differences is a positive experience, we can better be prepared for the life we have ahead.

A clique can be hard to break though. It is like a tight bond. One like super glue bonded to it's surface. Nearly impossible to break the bond. So how are we supposed to find a way to be more socially diverse if these cliques are impossible to break? In my opinion, if we begin to start making an effort to show these people you understand there differences, they will begin to understand yours. This is how we as teens can start taking these difficult situations of not knowing where we fit when we see cliques of our peers surrounding us everywhere, and make it into an experience that is positive for everyone.

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