Falling Heart First

December 22, 2013
By LovelyRee GOLD, Astumbo, Other
LovelyRee GOLD, Astumbo, Other
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Aut Viam Enveniam Aut Faciam
"Find A Way or Make One"

It's so easy to fall in love. Why is it so easy to fall in love? Isn't falling in love supposed to be the hardest thing to do in life? I mean, to get to know that person, to know every flaw, every accomplishment, every detail that caught your attention. Shouldn't it take years to fall in love? To know if that person was really meant to be for you? But no, one smile, one kiss, one hug, one laugh and BAM! You're in love. I've always questioned this. We try so hard to protect our hearts from the ones that'll break it but yet we still fall so easily.

The author's comments:
Have you honestly ever thought about this for a while and just wondered why we did it? Now it has me thinking.

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