Answer We Won't Get

December 8, 2013
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Why did he break up with me? Why does he ignore me? Why does he stare at me? To give you an answer I don’t know. We are not boys. We are not in their minds but I think we all want to know. I don’t miss my ex but I talk about him because I don’t understand those questions either. I sit and talk thinking that someday he will walk up to me and tell me why he is doing the things he is. But I am just dreaming, we should all stop dreaming about these answer but we can’t. I want to know because my ex is doing this to me and I think we should all have the right to know but we won’t get the answer we want. We image the answer but we are not guys and they won’t tell unless they want something or they want to say sorry for doing these things. But what will that do? Make us go back to you, date you again. It might but it might not. I don’t think it is fair we wait for an answer we will never get. We need to move on but those questions are still in the back of our minds. When we walk by our ex who is doing this to us we want to ask them but then that might show we still care about them and we don’t. All we have to do is wait and wait until that person wants to tell us. We need to let these questions go and enjoy our lives. We can’t think about them, we have to stop because they are winning when we think about them and we don’t want them to win. We have to lose those questions and let them go and act like they don ‘t live like they do to you.

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